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Truth of Michael Jackson Ghost

Look at this picture

you can now watch the Michael Jackson ghost

Fake or genuine?
this is the question
Is Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch haunting Loved? See what do you think? IT WAS DURING last week Larry King Live broadcast live at Neverland, a CNN reporter team caught a ghostly image by surprise. The filming crew inside Was Michael Jackson's bedroom suite. The camera Was Following The reporter Introducing bits and wonders of Michael's treasure house. Along with the camera That Was Showing Several locks at the side of a bedroom door, the reporter talked about how Michael wanted for privacy Much Loved bedroom.

Soon After That, the camera panned across a hallway at the End of Which Shadowy figure walking in the background, Alleged to Be the ghost of Michael Jackson. Was caught this very action, supposedly by chance, When the reporter Was Still Saying "this is one of the bathrooms ...."
To many believers and superstition advocators ghost, They Will take it as a manifestation of supernatural Phenomenon Without Doubt "any. Even Michael's Many fans opt to wishfully think That He IS Still Lingering with us.

Is it really a ghost? a trick or something Mistaken? UNLESS the ghost is real Provencal, Certainly it warrants in-depth investigation year is the footage. SPI analysis.

Theory 1: Digital forgery

The Shadow Is a digital manipulation. This speculation is based IS Many previous similar instances WHERE paranormal images soon after Surfaced Some major worldwide event, eg Human Face on Mars, devil shows up in smoke from world trade center 911 diaster (by CNN too), etc.., Just to name a few. Exploring Along this direction of speculation, we checked the digital images from screen captures of the video Both Before and "during the shadow appeared.
The above pictures are Two snapshots from the video That Was Just A Second Before the Appearance of the shadow. It looks like a fireplace at the end view of a corridor in a room. Strangely, in front of the fireplace It was just a smudge as Indicated by a green color in the circle Above picture. Whatever It Is, Partially it blocks the full view of the fireplace. It covers a floor mat ou partly of gold carpet too. Importantly this smudge right in the center SITS and view it largely Hinderer the moving shadow. Is it a deliberate have digital alteration Covering up for something That May exposes the fact That the Shadow Is a forgery? Or Another spiritual entity in the footage too?

In the red circle of the second picture, as captured from the Sami view, shows a black color humanoid sprite. Somehow this looks more like black sprite doing Michael Jackson moonwalking (!) Than the moving shadow. Neverland Is a fictional world That Is dwelled with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Prince Michael II, Bubbles the chimp, the Lost Boys, and others. Even if the moving shadow and the sprites are real spirits, They May Not Necessarily Be That of Michael Jackson. Why They Are not Some cheeky fairies Who refuses to grow old? It Is Not Known What Caused the black shadow sprite and the smudge anyway. Could They Be Somebody just random shades gold Deliberately Doctored the footage?
Lets check out the ghost in shadow detail. The above pictures show a sequence furnace of movement, starting from (a) how the Shadow Itself Out emerged from the Edge, (2) shadow half come out, (3) shadow full body exposure, to (4) shadow crossed the fireplace.

We Observed the Shadow That Is a semi-transparent silhouette with a head Somewhat blurry outline and a body shape. In fact Some argued the Shadow Is Just Stretched and long face, with the lower part (supposedly legacy) Reflected on the polished floor. It would Be close to six feet tall have a rough estimate. Howeve the IS MOST Alarming Thing, It Is all just a goal Without shadow "any distinctive features resembling Michael Jackson.

A closer look IS needed to Evaluate if It Is a fabricated work of CG effect on the video. A section IS Magnified and cropped out the Shadow Highlighted That, as shown in the picture below.
In a sequence of pictures you can see how this progressed long shadow moving from left to right. It Has a head shape, slim body and Limbs are Unclear. The First Two pictures are Relatively easy to Identify the outline of the shadow by the contrast of the background - the white wall. When the shadow overlapped with the fireplace, probably only the head can Be seen.

At the first photo, There Is a gap of light from the Wall That Goes By The Sami Consistently width Along the Shadow. Is this a sign of special effect or just camera pixelation defect? And is it all just a trick of video editing by superimposing a moving shadow in the footage? Gold has real spectrum showed up at Michael Jackson's treasure home? It Is Hardly conclusive. You'd Be the judge.

Theory 2: A Natural Shadow

A second possible explanation of this shadow, if It Is not Made artificial, it would THEN Be natural. The natural shadow Theory Has It That the shadow is real. It Is speculated That Was the shadow cast on the wall as well as on the floor by a physical object walking in front of a Light Source.

Over the Internet, Much discussion and debates on whether the moving shadow Is a result of a camera-Man Who Walked in front of a spot light. It Is Highly possible in Our opinions Because, well, at the time the Shadow Was Shot, Was this filming crew. It Could Be Some part of the team setting up a shot Was I'm his room When the reporter Was roaming around with the videoman, Introducing about the house.

Regards Of The Above picture very carefully. Compare the lighting condition of the room at the end of the corridor and That of the corridor. The corridor Has full-length window glass filled with That Is natural light. You can see quite Remarkably That The room is brightly up bed with Some electrical light sources. The shiny floor and the bright wall are pretty good evidences proving this point.

So think about this. Supplementary bright light in the room, view from the narrow corridor and the Fact That Was CNN doing a video shot of the house. Would not it be possible That a member of the crew filming in front of light Walked, the moving cast shadow, and thereby Mistaken as Michael Jackson's Ghost?

The person Who Was Simply the Shadow Projected not visible, Given That the small and limited view by the end of the corridor Within a short period "of time. The FOLLOWING diagram Illustrate What Could Have Happened "during the second Several of camera panning of the Shadow When Was captured.

IS ESSENTIALLY the Moving Shadow Slightly Stretched, Projected by a walking human Who Should Be In The purpose room Beyond the view of the camera. This natural shadow theory so far makes sense. Just That the stock has come together bit too coincidentally. In the video, the camera panned across the hallway for a couple of seconds Merely, more or less. Has thats exactly time, the Shadow has Moved perfect length right across the view, at the perfect timing. It Was That When The shadow seen just finished crossing the fireplace, the camera panned at the time Sami away.

No. If you believe in coincidence, Be It Then a year would meticulously orchestrated hoax of Planned and Executed. Probably it cam with NG's of Many trial-and-errors too. Purpose They Will never be shown.

One goal smell Could help in making this conspiracy Some perfect act, well, by some party in CNN For Some Reason. It Succeed in Creating Much publicity and Debate. The Whole World Was talking about this ghost footage, anyway. It reaped great effect economy in budgeting this inexpensive small show for great publicity worldwide, riding the bargaining agent may be of the fall of a superstar.

Before closing this box, just as a side note, What Is That horror face Labeled by CNN? The mourning face Does not look like Michael desired exactly. Is it a coincidence again of appearance of a strange face, gold Some superb plot to Be deciphered only by the genius ones? Only CNN knows.


A heated Debate Was seen over the Internet on the authenticity of the ghost video. There are Many Who Want To Believe Michael IS Still with us, Though in form of intangible year ghost by now. The rational minded the footage would look as Either a hoax accomplice video editing with somebody just Walked gold (gold-Walked moon) in the room and cast the shadow. Is seeing believing? On the video we "could only see a small section of the room flashed That pass by a moving shadow. Due to insufficient data Conclude It Is Hard to Furth.

There are no ghosts 
Don't Believe Everything

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