Saturday, May 1, 2010

Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin

(Reuters) - An Italian researcher said he played the Shroud of Turin, a feat he says proves conclusively that the sheet is a Christian worship Jesus Christ as a medieval fake.

The Holy Shroud, 14 feet, 4 inches by 3 feet 7 inches action photos is a mystery, like a photographic negative of a crucified, that some believers say that it is Christ.

"We showed we can do something that has the same properties of the mantle of playing," said Luigi Garlaschelli, which because of its findings at a conference on the paranormal this weekend in the north Italy, on Monday to discuss.

A professor of organic chemistry at the University of Pavia, made available to Reuters Garlaschelli that the paper is comparative and accompanying photographs present.

The Shroud of Turin shows the front and back of a bearded man with long hair, arms folded across his chest, while the entire fabric of what looks like a drop of blood from wrist injuries is marked feet and side.

The tests in the carbon dating laboratories at Oxford, Zurich and the causes of Tucson, Arizona in 1988 caused a sensation at the output between 1260 and 1390th Skeptics said it was a joke, maybe, win profitable activities of medieval pilgrimage.

But scientists have been at a loss to explain how the image was left on the web.

Garlaschelli shroud material reproduced in full screen mode and use the techniques of the Middle Ages.

They threw a sheet on a voluntary plan, then wipe with a pigment with traces of acid. A face mask used.

Pigment, blood stains and burns

The pigment is then artificially by heating the tissue in an oven and washing machine, a process that must be removed from the surface of seniors but he has a vague similarity to continuous-tone image on the Shroud. He believes that the pigment was the Holy Shroud, of course, the original lost during the centuries.

He further added Bloodstains burns, burns, and water stains to achieve the final result.

The Catholic Church does not claim the Shroud is genuine, or is it a matter of faith, but he says he is a strong reminder of the Passion of Christ needs.

One of the most controversial relics of Christianity lies in the cathedral of Turin in Italy and rarely exposed. This was the last on screen in 2000 and should be posted again next year.

Garlaschelli expected to challenge their conclusions.

"If you do not want the dating of some of the best laboratories in the world that was not about to believe me to believe," he said.

The accuracy of the test in 1988 was characterized some believers that the restoration of the Shroud in the past had contaminated the results of this challenge.

The history of the Shroud is long and controversial.

Once the surface has been presented in the Middle East and France, the former Italian royal family of Savoy at Turin in 1578, is located. II in 1983, the former King Umberto bequeathed by the late Pope John Paul II

The Shroud escaped destruction by fire in 1997, Guarini Chapel of the cathedral of Turin, where it is celebrated devastated. The material was saved by a firefighter who risked his life.

Garlaschelli has received funding for their work by the Italian association of atheists and agnostics, but said it had no effect on its results.

"Money has no smell," he said. "He was a scientist. What if the Church wants to give me money for the future I am here. "

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