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Truth of Sound Of Hell

Russian scientists conducting deep drilling experiments in Siberia, the crust of the earth in more than 14 km from the break. Are very hot at that depth (2,000 degrees F). As part of trying to listen to the movement of crustal rocks, drop to recognize a microphone into the hole and was horrified, they hear the voices of millions of people screaming in pain. Horrified, they decide to abandon the project, but asked the first appearance of the hole and just give them a message.

How is this true?

It is a combination of an urban legend and a hoax. The original story of deep drilling in Siberia toured tabloids in 1990. Some researchers have suggested that the history of an authentic project of drilling deep holes, has never been proven. The original story included the account of the opening of the crust to hear the voice of the hole, and closing the hole. The plot thickened when a Norwegian school teacher named Age Rendalen decided to embellish the story with the description of the bat, like a creature out of the hole. It was done on purpose to see if a program of religious television take history at face value without seeing, and they did.
Our experience

Dissection of the audio file

The authenticity of this event, as you speculate on the many links on the authenticity of the audio clip. To test if it's just a joke or see a real event, sound clips tested with a program of economic analysis software frequency analyzer called AnalFreq. 1.8 Loyola University Chicago.

As for audio files?
After loading the audio files to wave the program shows the frequency spectrum using a window size of 1024 FFT and sampling frequency of 22050 for optimal viewing. The frequency resolution was an area of 43 Hz (0 Hz to 22 kHz fixed on the screen) in the cart over a distance of 1.35 Hz display algorithm Hanning. The FFT algorithm is used by about 1 ms AnalFreq for the size of the FFT.

The original audio clip is divided into three sections: (1) the first half, where there is only one man who speaks in history (2) half, where only "cry" of hell, and (3) Some environment in which a man has a lot of talking and then screaming.

against these three different sections of the original audio clips, shouting the frequency distribution of a man who speaks for himself, and the millions of souls as claimed. We do this by repeatedly showing the frequency distribution of the FFT. At the same time there's a double Freerun mode, in which the (almost) instantaneous FFT plot is displayed, medium and long term, which shows the layout of values. Pay particular attention to the evolution of the plot of frequency distribution graph in the execution of these three different files. 

Our results

Figure 1 (up) the frequency distribution of a file - pure human voice
Figure 2 (down) crying frequency distribution files No.2 - pure souls

The frequency distribution of a man who speaks
The red line in both figures represents the average spectrum in the long term, does not vary, as do the blue bars are. We see that the weight distribution on the intervals 0.5Khz kHz to 3, and a few bumps in 4.8Khz 6.2Khz which are normal for a man's voice. High Places are not common.

The frequency distribution of a million souls crying
In Figure 2, again in the frequency range in which a male voice, which occurs (0.5 to 3 kHz and 4.8Khz 6.2Khz), the distribution of low frequency. However, there are two important differences. First, in addition to the band bottom end and mid-frequency, included some treble to 8 kHz, 9 kHz and 10 kHz. Second, the long-term averages during the breaks seem to be more abundant than those in Figure 1 What do you mean?

Results of a million souls crying?
The distribution of abundance is that it explains many recorded voices, noises. It is as if a man of many frequency distribution in order to achieve equilibrium quantity. High frequencies show that there are cries keycaps, perhaps by women. Although you can not see the results in the motion, the red line, in fact, very little change throughout the game. When the votes were kind of on and off, which makes the line vibrate a little. "

What does this mean?
According to our observations for the file to play No. 2 (pure wines), there were "many" elements added to produce such a result. However, that "many" has never been a large number, for example, approached one million. If a million voices blend and take care of these different people with different patterns of language occur, we expect a sort of "softening" of the validity of the curve of the long-term average. Maybe, or a bell curve of the uniform as shown in Figure 2, which must be respected. The frequency distribution was more equitable. can in the fight to prove our case against the souls of a very monotonous voice so that only the combined incidence (coincidence?) oriented as in Figure 1. Then they may be a duplicate of the same race. Technically, on the other hand, this may be the result of mixing the different colors are artificially more to produce cries of this queue cry aim million souls. The sound is very "mechanical" in a game long term. You can do a little experiment on your own try. Listen to audio clips with media player (or anything a slide bar). If you play, you move the cursor back randomly. This way, you will be surprised to learn that the sound was good and continue to play. Why? Because I heard a cumulative result of rumors that random "reconstructed" or "cascade" which, with a whip.

Our conclusion is, it is true that the voices of hell, but their minds are constantly yelling at the same tone, same volume and nearly the same frequency, or a person of mixed voices more to achieve this effect . If the answer is the latter, very successful in the mixture, cry a lot together. However, the frequencies on a regular basis and the sounds are too steep.

So what I think really got out of hell or someone who plays a joke be?

Monday, May 10, 2010

UFO No Longer Unidentified

UFOs are not necessarily alien spacecraft. And some alleged UFOs are not UFOs at all. Take the example of Apollo 16th

photo above: Digital high resolution of a complete original Apollo 16 film showing the object in question (top center) and its position to scan on the moon. Reflections on the windows are also visible (left, right). Credit: NASA

Since his return from landing on the moon for April 27, 1972, captured by astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke for about four seconds of video recording of an object that looks very similar to the Hollywood version of a spacecraft from another world.

improving the image of the object and the linear function. Credit: NASA

What is an object shaped disc with a dome above. "The pictures were captured with a camera for 16mm film with 12 frames per second shooting of a command / service module window. The object is currently in the vicinity of the moon. As the camera moves outside the visual field. Appears when the backup camera. Apparently, in about 50 images.

Some very bright people recently worked hard to analyze this material. His conclusion that the object was not what some observers considered it seems. There is no sign of the crew of Apollo 16 would never have thought that the film was something special.

A group of Gregory Byrne Johnson Space Center, the image of science and the analysis completed a report on its investigation this year. They used a video copy of the movie at first, then made a high resolution digital from the original film for detailed scanning.

 View of the Apollo space capsule service module of Apollo 17 Moon, while showing the position of the projector, EVA / Boom. Credit NASA

Image Stabilizer to correct for camera shake, and then close multiple frames in a sequence. One thing became clear that the object is moving something to the moon was caused on the parallax of the camera shaking a little and the proximity of the object to the camera.

Researchers have also combined several frames in a sequence to give a higher resolution and higher contrast than the individual images. Combinations of them have shown a strong dependence of the "linear" to a side of the object attached. They also examined the images of the Apollo others rescued.

In a word: "All the evidence in this analysis is consistent with the result that the object in the movie Apollo 16 was the [EVA EVA projector] / boom. There is no photographic evidence in the record suggests the contrary. "

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giant Skeleton Hoax

The scam began with a retouched photo and found a receptive audience online, and then, with religious connotations, perhaps unintended image.
A digital photograph amended in 2002 shows a huge break a wooden platform with a shovel wielding archaeologist thrown around for reference.  

In 2004, the "discovery" by e-mail and blogs in the world, was "Giant Skeleton Unearthed" State "and is experiencing a rebirth in 2007.

The false image is evident. But the story refuses to go to bed, up to five years later, in the case of a steady stream of e-mail to National Geographic News are any indication. (The National Geographic Society owns National Geographic News.)

News from around the world, Portugal, India, El Salvador, Malaysia, Africa, Dominican Republic, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya. But all the same question: Is it true?


To promote the recent increase in history are a handful of media who reported the finding of fact.

An often cited March 2007 article in India, Hindu Voice monthly, for example, said a team from the National Geographic Society in cooperation with the Indian Army, had dug a giant human skeleton in India.

"The recent exploration activities in the northern region of India uncovered skeletal remains of a great man," said the report.

The story continues, the discovery of a team of National Geographic (India Division) has been supported by the Indian army, which, since the region is under the jurisdiction of the army. "
The account is that the team also found tablets with inscriptions that suggest the giant belonged to a race of supermen in the Mahabharata, a Hindu epic, in 200 BC, is mentioned, C.

"They were very tall, big and powerful that your arms around a tree trunk and uproot," said the report is submitted to repeated requests that initially appeared in 2004.
Voice Editor P. Deivamuthu approved National Geographic News that his release was taken up by false reports.

The Monthly based in Mumbai (Bombay), has published a retraction after readers alerted Deivamuthu the joke, "he said.

"We are against spreading lies and falsifications," he added Deivamuthu. "Additionally, our readers a very intellectual class and will not tolerate, have no meaning."

Other blogs as an announcement in May 2007, at a place called Srini's Weblog-cite a report supposedly in the Times of India 22nd April 2004, published. However, research has provided the archives of newspapers, that such articles.

Giant Saudi

Variations are enormous fun photos alleged discovery of a 60 - to 80-feet (18-24 meters) human skeleton in Saudi Arabia. In a popular time, also the first time in 2004, a team of oil exploration would have made the discovery.

Here is the skeleton of the giant of evidence in Islamic receive instead of Hindu scriptures.


Web sites devoted to Urban Legends and discredit "netlore" in the various giant hoaxes shortly after the first performance.

Based in California reported for example that the image of the skeleton Worth1000, where competitions are held for the photo manipulation has been lifted.

Titled "Giants," the image of the skeleton spoon and finished in third place in 2002 in a contest called "Archaeological Anomalies second"

The image of its creator, illustrator of Canada who goes by the screen name IronKite, "he told National Geographic News by e-mail that has nothing to do with the next round.

She said she wants to remain anonymous because some forums that discuss about whether the giant is genuine or not, their whole argument turned into a "religious. It has been argued, for instance, that Saudi Arabia is the Qur'an, in perfect harmony with the teachings.

"This is the same time as the death threats and cash prizes for designers and professionals have been assigned to other things, like the representatives of the Prophet Muhammad was to be done," wrote IronKite.

How was the image

IronKite began with an aerial photo of a mastodon excavation in Hyde Park, New York, in 2000. Then digital superimposed a human skeleton remains of the animal.

The subsequent addition of a digging man presented the biggest challenge technique.

"When you see a yellow shovel handles, but there is nothing in the end," said IronKite.

"In the beginning, at the end of things. But [the] space seemed exactly the same as the temple of the skeleton to be filled, while everything seems wrong.

"Now, it seems that an entire floor, and people do not realize. Eastern funny. "

IronKite also changed the color of clothing the man to create a "uniform tie-in with the observation of a white shirt under the wooden platform.

Both figures work to exaggerate the size of the skeleton, he added.

(Associates: "Shark" Photo of the Year "is the e-mail Hoax" [March 8, 2005].)

IronKite said he was tickled that the picture, which lasted only an hour and a half to build, has caused so much attention on the Internet.

"I laugh when someone knowing someone was there, or even come to say he or she was there when they found the skeleton and took the picture," said IronKite claims.

"Sometimes people seem so desperate for something they themselves are, or believe, to exaggerate to make their own arguments stronger."

Wanting to Believe

David Mikkelson of said such hoaxes succeed when people seem to have been somewhat inclined to believe, to confirm a prejudice, political viewpoint or religion.

A buffalo is also necessary to "provide a framework that has the appearance of credibility," he said in an e-mail.

The creator of the "old" is twofold, according to Mikkelson.

"It is both a religion and a secular view of the world so different and fantastic that science alone we believe, called," he said.

"Proof," Mikkelson said, "is in the form of a fairly convincing."

For those who knowingly spread the myth, Mikkelson has the motivation was probably not different from the motivation to play a game of ring signals the door for someone and flees, because he a simple way, the cost of someone else, is the stream. "

Alex Boese, "curator" of the Virtual Museum of jokes, false-giants have a long history dating back at least to 1700.

Fraud is a reminiscence of the past, once famous Cardiff Giant myth, found a stone statue of ten feet (three meters) in 1869 in Cardiff, New York, "said Boese included.

Many believe that this figure was a petrified man and claimed he was one of the giants in the biblical book of Genesis says: "There were giants on the earth in those days."

Likewise, Boese said, the recent giant hoax "feeds people's desire for secrecy and the hope that the concrete confirmation of religious legends."

Crying Virgin Mary Statue

(CBS) Outside Sacramento, at the small Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs church, a statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be crying, reports The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

"Just the fact that it's coming from the eyes, and it's a red color like blood, I would say that there's a miracle either way," said Dave Leatherby, who visited the statue. "Even if there's a natural explanation, it's a sign."

It is a sign that could mean something different to everyone who has traveled here to see it.

"With Christmas coming up, they say Jesus is the reason as opposed to the commercialization," Lana Cosentino said. "So maybe this is happening for a reason. I just think she's crying for all the sins of the world and everything."

Parishioners first noticed the tears almost two weeks ago. A priest was cleaning the statue and wiped away the stains only to see them reappear.

"We came here Thanksgiving night," Vivian Valles said. "The blood was on her chest. We came back the next day and it had run all the way down her dress."

Marlene Larkin traveled from Las Vegas, believing the Virgin Mary will help her battle breast cancer.

"I pray to Mary a lot," she said. "I felt like I need to be here to see this."

But father James Murphy of the Sacramento diocese shies away from calling this a miracle.

"These kinds of phenomena are fairly common," he said. "But the number that turn out to be miraculous are very, very rare."

However, it does bring more people to the church.

"I think we need to respect people's experience through the eyes of faith," he said. "And God does use these things to bring us closer to him."

Leatherby says: "I think many people have forgotten about God, and I think she's weeping about God's children who are lost and are searching, and looking for answers."

Church officials say they will investigate if the phenomenon continues. But for believers, or those seeking guidance, healing or inspiration, there is no need for proof.

CBS News

watch this video

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Truth of Bélmez Faces

Faces and faces Bélmez Bélmez paranormal phenomenon occurs in a private house in Spain, which began in 1971, reported that people see pictures of faces appear in the concrete floor of the house. These images are constantly trained and have gone to the floor of the house since.

Located in the family home on Calle Real Pereira May Dolmen de la Moraleda, Jaen, Spain, the faces of Belmez are responsible for a large number of tourists Belmez. The phenomenon is well documented by parapsychologists and that "no doubt [the most important paranormal phenomenon of the century] 20  

Many faces have come and gone were at irregular intervals since 1971 and often photographed by local newspapers and visitors curious. Belmez people believe that their faces not made by human hands. Some researchers believe that this is an unconscious thoughtographic by the house owner, Casa Maria Gomez. (Thoughtography "is a form of psychokinesis by parapsychologists.)

Skeptics point out that researchers, unlike other psychological demands falsifiable here. Since fixed Belmez faces cement mortar, are, scientists can molecular changes have had on the mass of concrete to analyze. Skeptics have extensive testing on their faces and took them to say,
showed that the counterfeit issue . 


Luis Ruiz Noguez, believes that the most likely explanation of the effect of the use of visual images Belmez Jordan proposal for a chemical oxidant. For example, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, and others can be used for this purpose . 

Another explanation could be the use of agents sensitive to light (which is not mentioned, or Jordan in the directory of falsifying hypotheses Perera): silver nitrate, when solar ultraviolet light, which exposed beat dark.  

Generally, you can at least three chemical sources can produce a similar effect in the face of Belmez:  Products with the chemical structure of concrete, including some acids, oxidizing agents and other (all types of cement affects alkaline in nature and thus easily attacked by acids),  cement products) was intact, but change their chemical structure in contact with external actors such as light or chemical reagents and use a pigment in a vehicle or resin, as we Ruiz Noguez In his opinion for the ICV. 

According to Ramos Perera, hypothesis 3 has been the case to the wall "Bélmez first appearance: pale face, known as La Pava. Today, the old face in the wet cement and dark disappear like] to see photographs from a website [18th