Monday, May 10, 2010

UFO No Longer Unidentified

UFOs are not necessarily alien spacecraft. And some alleged UFOs are not UFOs at all. Take the example of Apollo 16th

photo above: Digital high resolution of a complete original Apollo 16 film showing the object in question (top center) and its position to scan on the moon. Reflections on the windows are also visible (left, right). Credit: NASA

Since his return from landing on the moon for April 27, 1972, captured by astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke for about four seconds of video recording of an object that looks very similar to the Hollywood version of a spacecraft from another world.

improving the image of the object and the linear function. Credit: NASA

What is an object shaped disc with a dome above. "The pictures were captured with a camera for 16mm film with 12 frames per second shooting of a command / service module window. The object is currently in the vicinity of the moon. As the camera moves outside the visual field. Appears when the backup camera. Apparently, in about 50 images.

Some very bright people recently worked hard to analyze this material. His conclusion that the object was not what some observers considered it seems. There is no sign of the crew of Apollo 16 would never have thought that the film was something special.

A group of Gregory Byrne Johnson Space Center, the image of science and the analysis completed a report on its investigation this year. They used a video copy of the movie at first, then made a high resolution digital from the original film for detailed scanning.

 View of the Apollo space capsule service module of Apollo 17 Moon, while showing the position of the projector, EVA / Boom. Credit NASA

Image Stabilizer to correct for camera shake, and then close multiple frames in a sequence. One thing became clear that the object is moving something to the moon was caused on the parallax of the camera shaking a little and the proximity of the object to the camera.

Researchers have also combined several frames in a sequence to give a higher resolution and higher contrast than the individual images. Combinations of them have shown a strong dependence of the "linear" to a side of the object attached. They also examined the images of the Apollo others rescued.

In a word: "All the evidence in this analysis is consistent with the result that the object in the movie Apollo 16 was the [EVA EVA projector] / boom. There is no photographic evidence in the record suggests the contrary. "

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