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Truth of Sound Of Hell

Russian scientists conducting deep drilling experiments in Siberia, the crust of the earth in more than 14 km from the break. Are very hot at that depth (2,000 degrees F). As part of trying to listen to the movement of crustal rocks, drop to recognize a microphone into the hole and was horrified, they hear the voices of millions of people screaming in pain. Horrified, they decide to abandon the project, but asked the first appearance of the hole and just give them a message.

How is this true?

It is a combination of an urban legend and a hoax. The original story of deep drilling in Siberia toured tabloids in 1990. Some researchers have suggested that the history of an authentic project of drilling deep holes, has never been proven. The original story included the account of the opening of the crust to hear the voice of the hole, and closing the hole. The plot thickened when a Norwegian school teacher named Age Rendalen decided to embellish the story with the description of the bat, like a creature out of the hole. It was done on purpose to see if a program of religious television take history at face value without seeing, and they did.
Our experience

Dissection of the audio file

The authenticity of this event, as you speculate on the many links on the authenticity of the audio clip. To test if it's just a joke or see a real event, sound clips tested with a program of economic analysis software frequency analyzer called AnalFreq. 1.8 Loyola University Chicago.

As for audio files?
After loading the audio files to wave the program shows the frequency spectrum using a window size of 1024 FFT and sampling frequency of 22050 for optimal viewing. The frequency resolution was an area of 43 Hz (0 Hz to 22 kHz fixed on the screen) in the cart over a distance of 1.35 Hz display algorithm Hanning. The FFT algorithm is used by about 1 ms AnalFreq for the size of the FFT.

The original audio clip is divided into three sections: (1) the first half, where there is only one man who speaks in history (2) half, where only "cry" of hell, and (3) Some environment in which a man has a lot of talking and then screaming.

against these three different sections of the original audio clips, shouting the frequency distribution of a man who speaks for himself, and the millions of souls as claimed. We do this by repeatedly showing the frequency distribution of the FFT. At the same time there's a double Freerun mode, in which the (almost) instantaneous FFT plot is displayed, medium and long term, which shows the layout of values. Pay particular attention to the evolution of the plot of frequency distribution graph in the execution of these three different files. 

Our results

Figure 1 (up) the frequency distribution of a file - pure human voice
Figure 2 (down) crying frequency distribution files No.2 - pure souls

The frequency distribution of a man who speaks
The red line in both figures represents the average spectrum in the long term, does not vary, as do the blue bars are. We see that the weight distribution on the intervals 0.5Khz kHz to 3, and a few bumps in 4.8Khz 6.2Khz which are normal for a man's voice. High Places are not common.

The frequency distribution of a million souls crying
In Figure 2, again in the frequency range in which a male voice, which occurs (0.5 to 3 kHz and 4.8Khz 6.2Khz), the distribution of low frequency. However, there are two important differences. First, in addition to the band bottom end and mid-frequency, included some treble to 8 kHz, 9 kHz and 10 kHz. Second, the long-term averages during the breaks seem to be more abundant than those in Figure 1 What do you mean?

Results of a million souls crying?
The distribution of abundance is that it explains many recorded voices, noises. It is as if a man of many frequency distribution in order to achieve equilibrium quantity. High frequencies show that there are cries keycaps, perhaps by women. Although you can not see the results in the motion, the red line, in fact, very little change throughout the game. When the votes were kind of on and off, which makes the line vibrate a little. "

What does this mean?
According to our observations for the file to play No. 2 (pure wines), there were "many" elements added to produce such a result. However, that "many" has never been a large number, for example, approached one million. If a million voices blend and take care of these different people with different patterns of language occur, we expect a sort of "softening" of the validity of the curve of the long-term average. Maybe, or a bell curve of the uniform as shown in Figure 2, which must be respected. The frequency distribution was more equitable. can in the fight to prove our case against the souls of a very monotonous voice so that only the combined incidence (coincidence?) oriented as in Figure 1. Then they may be a duplicate of the same race. Technically, on the other hand, this may be the result of mixing the different colors are artificially more to produce cries of this queue cry aim million souls. The sound is very "mechanical" in a game long term. You can do a little experiment on your own try. Listen to audio clips with media player (or anything a slide bar). If you play, you move the cursor back randomly. This way, you will be surprised to learn that the sound was good and continue to play. Why? Because I heard a cumulative result of rumors that random "reconstructed" or "cascade" which, with a whip.

Our conclusion is, it is true that the voices of hell, but their minds are constantly yelling at the same tone, same volume and nearly the same frequency, or a person of mixed voices more to achieve this effect . If the answer is the latter, very successful in the mixture, cry a lot together. However, the frequencies on a regular basis and the sounds are too steep.

So what I think really got out of hell or someone who plays a joke be?

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