Friday, May 7, 2010

Truth of Bélmez Faces

Faces and faces Bélmez Bélmez paranormal phenomenon occurs in a private house in Spain, which began in 1971, reported that people see pictures of faces appear in the concrete floor of the house. These images are constantly trained and have gone to the floor of the house since.

Located in the family home on Calle Real Pereira May Dolmen de la Moraleda, Jaen, Spain, the faces of Belmez are responsible for a large number of tourists Belmez. The phenomenon is well documented by parapsychologists and that "no doubt [the most important paranormal phenomenon of the century] 20  

Many faces have come and gone were at irregular intervals since 1971 and often photographed by local newspapers and visitors curious. Belmez people believe that their faces not made by human hands. Some researchers believe that this is an unconscious thoughtographic by the house owner, Casa Maria Gomez. (Thoughtography "is a form of psychokinesis by parapsychologists.)

Skeptics point out that researchers, unlike other psychological demands falsifiable here. Since fixed Belmez faces cement mortar, are, scientists can molecular changes have had on the mass of concrete to analyze. Skeptics have extensive testing on their faces and took them to say,
showed that the counterfeit issue . 


Luis Ruiz Noguez, believes that the most likely explanation of the effect of the use of visual images Belmez Jordan proposal for a chemical oxidant. For example, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, and others can be used for this purpose . 

Another explanation could be the use of agents sensitive to light (which is not mentioned, or Jordan in the directory of falsifying hypotheses Perera): silver nitrate, when solar ultraviolet light, which exposed beat dark.  

Generally, you can at least three chemical sources can produce a similar effect in the face of Belmez:  Products with the chemical structure of concrete, including some acids, oxidizing agents and other (all types of cement affects alkaline in nature and thus easily attacked by acids),  cement products) was intact, but change their chemical structure in contact with external actors such as light or chemical reagents and use a pigment in a vehicle or resin, as we Ruiz Noguez In his opinion for the ICV. 

According to Ramos Perera, hypothesis 3 has been the case to the wall "Bélmez first appearance: pale face, known as La Pava. Today, the old face in the wet cement and dark disappear like] to see photographs from a website [18th

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