Friday, May 7, 2010

Shroud Of Turin

The mystery of the Shroud of Turin was dissolved in 1980. Radiocarbon dating and other scientific evidence, the famous yellow dress looked like a medieval fake gift. The material, the scientists said, was a product of the Middle Ages. The image of weakness, a bearded man with blood contaminated with wounds consistent with the biblical story of the crucifixion of Jesus was not "a photographic image into the fabric in any way upon the resurrection of burning. On the other hand, was painted in red ocher and vermilion tempera together.

However, the debate. revisionist scholars to present new evidence and arguments to show that the Shroud is not false.

Last year, reported a botanist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that their analysis of pollen and plant images of the shroud originated in the near Jerusalem before the eighth century. Prof. Avinoam Danin identified traces of pollen, and 28 species of native plants in the region of Jerusalem, in March and April. Flowers said was apparently placed on the roof. "These data confirm the possibility is real," Danin said, and there is no doubt that this is the land of Israel. "

The hotel is located in France. Perhaps the most dramatic results on the precision of radiocarbon tests in the new upgrade from three independent laboratories in 1988. The analysis of a small patch from the edge of the mantle, the researchers cut in any laboratory concluded that the cloth was woven 1260-1390, when she appeared on the cover of Lirey, France. First, beat supporters of the Pall a small sample of a section that was damaged and the lid rewoven has been contaminated by the residual carbon has been damaged by fire in 1532. The scientists who conducted the tests rejected both arguments. The exhibition, said they had not cut from a damaged area. And all the waste from the fires, which were removed during a cleanup before the tests.

Leoncio Garza-Valdes, a pediatrician in San Antonio, is a great achievement testing began in 1988. He stated that the microbial contamination in samples of the envelope, she said, radiocarbon dating would have radically changed. The photomicrograph, is the layer of organic growth Garza Valdes-natural bioplastic of a fungus through the fibers that do not have a standard cleaning eliminated. A similar level, he said, found in other ancient textiles.

Not everyone buys the theory, Garza-Valdes. Joe Nickell, senior researcher for the Committee on Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and main deck skeptics argued that the existence of contamination cover up to 2,000 years is enough instead of 700 "was two times [in as waste bioplastics weight more] all the same coverage! "

But Harry E. used Gove, a nuclear physicist at the University of Rochester, the technique of radiocarbon on the cover design, Garza-Valdes think perhaps something. "There is a bioplastic coating on some issues, maybe more," said Gove. If present in sufficient quantity to "make the fabric sample seem younger than her that he" should be a test of the radiocarbon method.

Following a public exhibition on the Shroud of summer, church officials may be able to scientific discoveries. "The last word has not yet been spoken," said Archbishop Severino Poletto of Turin, Italy, the custodian of the Shroud. But even if protection is to be found at this time in the first century, it must do shroud shroud when researchers Jesus said: "There is no laboratory test for Christ-Ness.

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