Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Quaintness of Qatar Creature

On April 23 said the publication of a photograph of a creature Qatar come a sandbox of this, and perhaps in the past.

It was not all it seemed:

Photo of Qatar has changed from a "monster of horror, elastic, as indicated above, in many respects, as shown here April 24.

In addition, this is not the first bit of the strange picture that stank of lies that have been sent in from Qatar.

I remembered a photo before Qatar, Matt Moniz, in discussing the matter during the conference weekend on Mount Washington.

Science Advisor Matt Moniz, Spooky Southcoast radio program. Photo: Barry Chin Boston Globe.

The picture above:

Moniz sent the photo above is complete in Qatar their archives, and I paraphrase what you remember 15 years of history:

In the mid-1970s, had two men caving in Mideastern countries Qatar, near one of its coastal cities.

The two men entered the cave network, and walked a few hundred meters from the fork. Men have the option of burial and a meeting in the locality, after a short period without danger.

Exploration of the branch of a cave he had chosen was a voice from the other party, where he had heard his friend selected in danger. The man returned to the cave, the division and was then killed by another for his friend.

Check his friend lying on the floor of the cave, found him covered with blood, torn with wounds, and chunks of flesh from his body. After surviving his people back off, he went to the local police and informed that his friend had been attacked. The police followed the man in the cave and found the corpse.

Police arrested the husband suspected of killing to survive, and recover the body and personal belongings of the dead in the cave. Among the effects was 35 mm, and the police developed the roll. The last image of a role with the image that represents the [top].

Two other pictures of Qatar? How strange.

Moniz also adds the following resignations:

I must say the wrong people, it is a statue in a cave "Hellfire". But the owner of the cave wrote in a statement that is false.

There is a group that falsely claimed that a woman was brought to a religious pilgrimage, "a picture of a candle in a holy cave and the devil" as it developed.

There are many other stories [about their origins] to explain.

Now I'm not saying this story is true or caves in 1970 that the painting is authentic, but only that the story is up, the oldest of which is connected to him. Your readers can make their own decisions, and my feeling is, I do not know what the truth of the matter.

Without a doubt, continue to live in folklore. - Matt Moniz Science Advisor, Spooky Southcoast.

Have you ever had this image before? Said

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