Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to learn Psychokinesis and telekinesis

Telekinesis or psychokinesis (PK) also refers to moving objects from one place to another without physical contact. Means focusing too reconfiguration of objects by the power of the mind It is like bending a spoon or key, with only the maintenance and. The word "telekinesis" refers to the Greek words psyche meaning life or soul and meaning derived kineisis to move.

Physical energy is created by electromagnetic impulses. Universal energy, life force or psychic energy, called chi. [Chee] In telekinesis and tap the energy of chi with the physical stamina combined.

nowwith lessons to learn the PK

just 4 steps

To begin any journey, you should first be prepared. Begin by asking what is my purpose? Is it based ego? How can I make this expression of my true identity? Am I willing to train? Am I willing to look in? Wherever you want to write a little more.
Be prepared! A former Scout motto course, but my experience, I would say be ready to open a door to opportunities and sense you are not accustomed to using. Generally, the fundamentals of the human spirit all its perspectives on the information gleaned from the five senses. In fact, it is so much more information is invisible information related to these entries. Your mind begins to see this information, these energies. In fact, did you know that what gives the density of matter is just energy vibrating at different frequencies combined to give mass and shape? I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the mind is able to gather information and energies that affect the body in turn that the energy created.
Familiarize yourself created your aparatus in a comfortable and quiet.
Attention intention of posting the fear of failure. Begin.

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