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All About Telepathy

Telepathy is thought by talking with another person, exchanging words or nonverbal. To practice telepathy, the ideal is to be both, if possible, a person that knows and loves it (so that the "current" goes well). The distance did not matter, since they are non-physical phenomena.

Initially, one must practice the transmission of thought as a single color or a number between 1 and 10, for example. We must also do exercises to develop intuition (1). But that still does not, it should also practice these exercises on a solid foundation. This database is peace of mind. Indeed, if one wants to experience this kind, be at peace is imperative. Get this peace is like turning a block of concrete in good soil, and do exercises, that watered the seed (of telepathy) that has planted (just believing), to be thrust at the beginning will require attention, care, and then when the plant (the telepathic powers) will be strong, we will just need to talk telepathically to maintain power.

To achieve this peace, he should lie (if possible) to exercise (2) relaxation (after a moment, we need to do, it just comes). Once you are relaxed (completely), if you want you can join hands across the chest, and you think well-being and that peace. If you think the well-being, you have this well - be, and if you think this peace, you will have this peace.

It would also be desirable, but optional, to try to remain calm and peaceful during the day, try not to spend too much energy getting worked up or stressful for the secret con (eg, How will the new mode, or else if it is an exam or something like that).

We must, somehow, to be brief and remain calm for most of the time (just to allow the plant (the authorities) do not have defects and protect), once you are pretty advance You can override this rule.

Here are some exercises to develop telepathy:

1 / Remove you from the noise in a dark room. Sit back and relax so that nothing bothers you. Free up your mind everything that affects the physical body. Close your eyes. Now, please, continuously, to draw you out and forces you to grab. This mental effort does not make you frown or shake you, your will must be calm and steady. Keep up the exercise for 5 to 20 minutes several times a day if you want.

2 / Apply you always control your impulses. Then you avoid a huge expenditure of nervous and your psychic tension will be highest.

3 / Read an article about the important side of life. Concentrate on it, not let your mind stray from the subject.

4 / As you walk when you meet people in the street, please note as accurately as possible their clothes, their haircuts, their attitudes, their gestures by example ... You get the ability to remember longer what you saw.

Notes: These exercises will not give you any psychic powers, but are absolutely necessary to obtain.

Here is some exercises that will give you a perceived psychic powers:

1 / Take a simple object, and install yourself comfortable. Look, look at its edges, then close your eyes. Once you close your eyes, visualize the object in detail. Initially, the image will be blurred, but as a measure of practice, it will become clearer. The goal is to completely and fully visualize the object.

2 / Replace the object (once the image of the object will be marked) by a photo of someone you know. Alternating efforts visual and watchful eyes, stain thought to form in a sharp image of the photo. (The goal will be reached when your mental image could serve as a model for a designer).

3 / Do the same thing (only if exos two were successful) but with the photo of someone you do not know.

4 / Without image guidance, form before you the image of a person you meet often. It's difficult, but it's in your subconscious, all the elements needed to create this image.

5 / When exos 4 will be perfectly able to give this image cinema movements. Make the walk, or laugh, for example.

These exercises should be done in the order numbers for better efficiency.


With a person who will be aware, you will determine a schedule and you (the one issue or receive must be determined in advance). Whoever issue (and that's where exos take their importance) should see the one who receives. The view now listen and receive what whoever is saying. Whoever receives will view the speaker. The view in telling you things. But initially, it is better to send simple things early.

Notes: I repeat, but more importantly, before all exos is to develop peace of mind.

(1) Developing your intuition

I think I need not explain why he should develop his intuition ... but good. This is useful for capturing the thoughts of others.

There is only one year, for the simple reason that I know of no other. Otherwise, if you do not hesitate to send them to me, I would note here.

When it's night or day, in fact it does not matter. Close your eyes and walk into your house or apartment. Do exactly the same as what you would if you had your eyes open. The important thing is to believe in their intuition as in his sight.

It's a bit thin, I know, but it's better than nothing.

(2) fiscal relaxation

There is only one in this link, but if you know one who is, keep still.

Lie down. Imagine that you are a large industrial complex with workers who work continuously. It is necessary to life, but this time, tell them to leave.
Start with the right foot, see the workers leaving your foot back in that leg, bringing with them everyone they meet. Once all the workers of this leg are assembled in the abdomen, placed on leave for imaginary vigilantes prevented workers from returning. Then do the same with the other members, then with the bodies, etc. ... Once all are gathered in the abdomen, voyer the silver cord that stretches to infinity and see your workers who go into the string, returning home. Normally, you should be very relaxed. Tell yourself that you are absolutely right. If an area of your body is still tense, imagine conscientious workers who want to finish some urgent work. But be insistent and tell them to go away anyway.

Main exercise of telepathy

This exercise requires a candle.

You will place the candle on a chair in front of you, and you'll sit a little farther, turn the opposite way to see the candle.

Hands on thighs, back straight, you'll watch the flames and say softly and continuously, this mantra:

"Karni borni malanga malanga"

Repeat vites for several minutes. When these words will occupy completely the mind, you can continue the exercise.


Put your hands in a gesture of prayer, and support a moment your forehead on the tips of your fingers, closing his eyes. Always leaving your hands touching the forehead, drag them upward and forward, so whether your thumbs touch your forehead and your fingers are directed towards the candle. Fold your fingers except the thumbs and forefingers.

Once you have this position, you will get a mental image of the candle and the flame: ie you should see it in all these aspects, see the candle, immutable, immovable, and the flame still flickering and changing. You need to take this contradiction. It will always, of course, breathe calmly and deeply.

A faith that you're comfortable in the visioning exercise, go to the next.


When we see the flame in this way, we do not see that one side. But this is not the real flame that we see. The real exists in space and is in all its sides. Try to see the flame in all his side and his truth.

For after this exercise, you will rewrite all the steps above views, and a faith that you had the clear vision of the flame, you will penetrate its structure in your mind. To do this, you imagine that you are close to the candle until the candle become itself. At this point, you feel that you made one with it. You should see the candle flame in its reality. Under the day that is normally invisible.


You come to fully exercise the above? Well, here is the final step:

For this last step, you will, as usual, take the previous, except that this time, you will not be to replace the candle, you will see in its intimacy, its reality, but still you same.

To do this, you imagine a ray of light from you, and that goes to the candle. You should acquire the same kind of impression with the radius, when you were in the place of the candle.

A faith that you will have mastered the radius, your powers will be developed, and you'll have to train yourself to make the transmission of thought with other people.

Slip into a person, as with the candle, and think strongly about something. Ask that person then she comes to believe. You'll be surprised by his response.

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