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6 easy steps to use lucid dream

6 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming
By Gary Beckwith, Certified Hypnotherapist


By simply reading and following the 6 steps described here,
useful to achieve the ability to dream clear. Please
Read the entire document before you begin or while you
Process to follow the instructions. However, it is important that
End of each stage before going into practice as follows. If
Step by step, comprehensive, and it's OK to be on the road
a master of the dream world.

the first step
 What is the lucid dream knows and uses. In normal dreams 
they are "players" in a game. We do not know the act or the result
until it is completed. Things "for us." Then the fear, confusion,
tedious, exhausting and frustrating. We are not under control. In a lucid
Dreams, we're in control. We can do whatever we want. We
Change is the scene - only hope that the monster hunt
a beautiful woman (or man) and Wham! Or do even better, and stop
because hunting the monster. The benefits of lucid dreams
Infinity. In a lucid dream is a very special place and time. The
The miracle is that it looks like real life really. It may
Imagine a place like this world, except for the fact that
have magical powers, you can do what they want
where wishes come true at once? The only difference is that in
Lucid dream world, you know, in the back, you
and dream. But this does not reduce the actual meaning. And
because you know you're dreaming, you can do what you want
without ruining "something real in his life. You can go fly
walk on the ocean floor, through walls and fill your wildest
Fantasies. Our dreams are so real that the normal have generally no idea
we dream. In addition, the dream, experience clear
our senses, and everything is the same, or even more alive and
Light, our guards. The key to lucid dreaming is easy
be aware that you are dreaming. The door opens to infinity
Learning opportunities, adventure, healing, imagination and wonder.
 Do you remember your dreams. If you are not a lot 
their dreams and concerns. Here is a recipe for assistance: first,
Notepad or keep a dream journal beside the bed. When
wake up every morning, before a muscle, and before
Open your eyes, ask yourself: "What did you dream? When
immediately get a response. We often remind us,
the right of our dreams when we wake up, but we forget the time
Get out of bed. If you're like most people, you only need a few
Days before start writing. Not felt in the next step until
recall some of their dreams.
 Hours. Again, the key to the lock that opens the door 
Lucid dream world is the knowledge that you are dreaming. In
Dreams out regularly, usually assume that we are awake, even if
strange things. The strangest thing happened, but
Usually do not dream to know that we do. Because everything is so
real f "not all" and I think both our daily lives. Even if we do
: Ask: "Hey, I can dream not to use" for this precious
Suspicion in our favor. The best way to learn to understand that
Dream is to "check in often. I mean the habit
ask "Am I dreaming?" even if you
awake. You can check whether you are awake or
Dream. One way is to find some words in a sign or card or
overall. When you dream, the words are illegible, funny
to seek, or simply has no meaning. Somewhere, they have
differently than normal. Another option is to look at the apartment
Hand. When you dream, you know. Once you
selected control, using at least 6 times a day, while
are awake. The best time to see if something seems appropriate
a little strange. It may be silly at first, but it only takes a few seconds
two, and value. If you do this often creates the habit of
to do this is with you while you dream. Someday
Suddenly, the question you ask when you only dream
Habit. One might ask: "Am I dreaming? It is the
Check-in, and find the answer is yes. It is a sacred moment.
While you practice your check-ins, and custom software development
must also complete Step 4, so that you know what to do if
at this time.
They have a plan for what to do if you are a yes. If you 
prepared for this special occasion, unable to use it. As
mentioned above, people often assume that we dream of or even know
we dream, but to follow his dream, even though
Players in the game. Knowing that you are dreaming of great value
The information and this information should be used is not lost! On the
What if you know you're dreaming, do not worry
hurt. It is "only a dream." (In fact, the words "dream" and
"easy") have no place in the same sentence. You must, however, a
Plan what to do when you realize you are dreaming. Easy
Flight plan. Everything you need to do is get it! We recommend
momentum and jump into the air. Think: "I am
Gonna Fly Now. "An alternative plan is to manipulate
Environment. If another person, you can "will" that he or
to do something, without saying a word. Or you can use a
Subject to something else. What you choose for your plan, stay
with the plane until it is used. Start with something simple and
the rest will follow. If you do not have a concrete plan and simple
may wake up confused. To avoid waking up this way
Plan in mind while you are awake. Tell you
"When I realize I'm dreaming, I'll stay in my dream, and begin ..."

At this point, you have your first lucid dream.
 Imagine your dream awake. Well, that was achieved 
To have a lucid dream, think about how you can lucid dream. Think
their dreams of what it means to you. Think about how you can learn
them. Consider some fantasies that you would want to live.
The best of lucid dreaming, your mind, how you feel
have these things when you wake it. So if you ever
I wanted to swim with dolphins, go ahead! Do it in a lucid dream, and
it's over! While you are awake and think of all the uses
Lucid Dream, and plans for the next time it happens. Set
Plan ahead. Whenever your check-in memory
You what the plan for today. The possibilities are endless.
Only a few examples:
Aeronautics and Aerospace
Being with your favorite stars
As an audience
Sexual Fantasies
Ask questions and get advice on issues of real life
Go to the holy places
Approximately in fear of his entourage - his senses are
more if you focus on it. Scenes
light, sound more intense, etc. ..
If you take a moment, you can really feel the beauty.
 To learn more and become an expert Lucid Dreamer! - I recommend this book 
Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, PhD. It is more fully exploit
Lucid Dreams and other ways to develop the ability to polish

The best lucid dream is not just something you have read
above. You can relax in a short period of experience if you follow

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