Friday, January 22, 2010

6 steps To Hypnotize Someone

It is time for UR first practice of hypnosis. This technique is called the handshake induction, hypnosis is a kind of snapshot. 

Now follow the below step by step:

 I am the person sitting in front of you - a face in the face. Do you need to sit down. I am the person who puts his hand on your up - inch by inch. 

step 2
Tell him (her): "Look into my eyes and hold on until I say something." 

Tell him (her): "In a moment I'll count to 3 press my hand and I'll push against your energy and you follow my instructions at once." 

step 4
 Say "1 ... 2 ... 3 .... Push, push, push. "If he (she) is gently tell her that) (press more. 

step 5
 Finally, to be on the other hand, at the height of his eyes, as if shading and gently pat. 

step 6
 Then say: "Well, as you continue to put pressure on the side that I understand the sensitivity in their eyes too late in the evening have a movie in black and white, old, you want to develop to go to bed, but you're so tired. Feeling his eyes at the end of autumn ... and sleep .... and .... and .... sleep! 

If you say "dream" quickly slid his hand (his). It is now very important and must be made with precision.

Practice this technique on friends, relatives and observed results. This is a step-by-step technique, so that anyone can be hypnotized very easily.

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