Friday, January 22, 2010

7 simple steps to Astral Projection

Astral Projection is the introduction of your soul outside the physical body with the spiritual world to develop. It is a paranormal interpretation of an experience of the body when the soul leaves the physical body and moves the unstable regions in the sky, where is the spirit between death and entrance into the spiritual world is plane of existence personal feelings just being a higher level of the material world.
To remain in this state of consciousness, and can see things without his physical body, and possibly through lucid dreaming, deep meditation, or become aware of life, they are experts in techniques for Astral Projection.

The first tip

Go ahead and relax the body. Be cool and find a quiet place to sit in the body and muscles, breathe deeply and hold your breath as long as possible to facilitate. 
the second

Clear mind. Finding a comfortable environment, away from noise and darkness, without interruption and external motivation. The only reason you're in this situation, motivation and experience the charm of his mind. 
the third

 Take a nap, but only at bedtime. If it is not in the mattress with his forearm was found in the air. As you start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and moves into a state which is just before bedtime. 
the fourth tip

On the state of vibration. The vibration is the beginning of the projection, and creates a feeling of irritation in his body. It takes practice and monitoring. He is known for her when he feels. 
5 tip

 The state control of vibration of the spirit. Practice, practice, practice. To organize the excitation of vibrations through the body and control of the state of vibration. If you are an expert command of vibrations in your body without any problem, then you're ready to enter the astral plane. 
sixth tip

Iniciarte to remove part of his body. Let us begin to break your legs or arms to his body and then move again, you do not lose your mind away from the idea of your body. Little by little, you're ready for complete separation. 
7 tip

Time of separation of state and practice again. If you speak into this final state, are ready and leave the body completely with fear. Paste your mind with the thought that his body is lighter and more comfortable to float upward. If you practice begins to feel that rush and stress, stop art of Astral Projection. This shows that there is still not ready for astral projection.

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