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Definition of Emotion

Emotion is an intense feeling that under the influence of events that occur outside interference, may, for example, the reaction to a situation of stress, aggression or verbal abuse, severe emotional state that varies from one individual to another.

The tension is at the heart of man is vitally important in a relationship and the complexity of human relationships is that they are not equal when it comes to emotions. Face, in fact, some people have emotional reactions, said normally say "sometimes" too ", a sad event (divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, etc..) But the express indifference or numbness feelings toward the same type of event.

The reactions of the body, the feelings are so complex that medical professionals focusing on the emotional or psychotherapist, on "How to think the Emotions'

The physician and philosopher Rosenfield think that emotions should be separated from the collective consciousness. "The expansion of the individual-centered approach had been by a relational dimension:" We believe, presented by the feelings of anyone, whether love or hate. E 'in the moment with us in a context, perhaps the indifference, hostility or love. "

To describe the feelings that we use words that the dual nature of this: What one thinks that "feelings" are not limited to physiological conditions, but in concrete and visceral sensations. "

Rosenfield, said: "I confess, I agree and understand that these relationships are played, as I myself.

Like other emotions, fear of forms of self and ultimately the kind of recognition of the situation. Every subtle change in my personality, a change in my emotional reaction to my relationship with my environment. "

The American child psychiatrist Greenspan, a precursor of the concept of emotional intelligence, wrote: "A certain degree of emotional feelings can create very different effects in different individuals. Each of us unconsciously personal catalog, sometimes very specific emotional reactions to sensory experiences. These early sensory experiences occur in a context of relationships that gives them greater emotional importance.

"Every perception is part of a code twice. Describes the physical characteristics (light, tall, strong, sweet, etc..) And the emotional qualities associated with shocks (or soft, comfortable or aggressive)

Damasio defines emotions as "a temporary change in the government agency that causes that are specific. Similarly, one can, the simple fact of life, a feeling that will change as a representative of the transitional period, the status of the institutions that define how models and images generated by this. If a few minutes later, these images come from a sense of self, which was established for the knowledge and reach the front of the stage to accompany him, he admits. So, faced with a real sense of feeling. "

Emotions are not innate said Greenspan emotional development that occurs during childhood, all the feelings that the child has an affect or emotion, experienced an increase of sensory impressions, feelings related. Decode this double experience will help us understand how emotions organize intellectual abilities and his conscience "

Greenspan added: "Between six months and one year for children of discrete, specific emotions like anger, fear, etc.. What is then used to define categories, to feel, in fact, to make their experience the following interactive.

Other philosophers, psychologists, psychotherapists and writers have addressed the complexity of feelings and reactions that occur. They tried a definition by appointment, give as Jean-Paul Sartre, André Gide, and many others.

These few quotations may be the preamble to the discussion:

We call for a net loss of consciousness, emotion and magic. [Jean-Paul Sartre]

It is important to be able to emotions, but do not feel they have an unfortunate limitation. [André Gide]

In the great emotions, solitude is sometimes useful. [Joseph Lallier]

A life without emotion has died. [Roger Fournier]

The missing words for feelings. [Victor Hugo]

Deep emotions make us sterile. [Pierre Baillargeon]

The emotions are shared. [Marc Levy]

The emotions of people who seem to love always liked a little ridiculous. "[Oscar Wilde]

In the Palace of emotions, there are lots of places. [Antoine Audouard]

Without emotion, it is impossible to transform darkness into light and of apathy into movement. [Carl Gustav Jung]

The man, who recently adopted their emotions are eager to find love. [George Sand]

I hate the feeling is too long, far more than the joy and laughter. [Jules Renard]

The idea of the benefits of our darkest emotions. [Louis Calaferte]

Nothing diplomats, but they feel betrayed. [Victor Hugo]

Humor is a quality that may have a meaning in the outside world. [Tony Mayer]

The laughter of a quick end. The excitement of the results. It's a bit "like the one between love and infatuation. [Gerard Jugnot]

Duda, and options that accompany them, are the two forces that vibrate the strings of our emotions. [Marc Levy]

Artists have no ideas, they have emotions or feelings. [Romano GUILLEAUME]

Music is the language of feelings. [Immanuel Kant]

The value of life is the number of times he has a passion or emotion, can be measured. [Soichiro Honda]

Cartesian to finding love to challenge despite the overwhelming emotions, irrational, strange and wonderful reason. Discover an idiot, and he loves it. [Romano GUILLEAUME]

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