Monday, January 25, 2010

definition of Telempathy

Telempathy-the ability to communicate emotions, instead of thinking of communication and telepathy with animals is usually telempathic in nature. Illusions focus this energy to allow the emotion of the people to enable them to see illusions, or think you are physically (disabled drowning, blinded), illusions too difficult to start may be the key to this part of abillty the feeling is that what you want feel.For example, if you try, away from a person with a weapon, you focus on emtions and not try to make sense that stifled or blind or if imapired. See how they suppress their thoughts and try to project that feeling. Mind Control - Can the thoughts and actions of others in controlling leakage on empathy in their minds. Mind Control: The control is more meaningful to me, does not control his thoughts, but feelings and everything that is linked on the page and the emotional state of mind that you want to be, what is sought, certain sections of the emotional state. PSI-BLAST: Is the power in the mental strength of the bolt of pure psychic energy is concentrated, also known as Psionic explosion, and can now be used as an offensive weapon opponents unconscious or too l spirit as a bundle to memories.could Psionic. Take advantage of eliminating fighting action of thought and empathy of the population. Psi-Blast: All your doing is really a serious problem, psiball sixth hand sections of the energy from the middle of the forehead and say that the power of what you want done, for example (Tommy Tim Brand telling the truth) and no eye viszulize hittng meeting. This is very useful and May Abilly complex, but it is easy if you have experince empathy NATRUAL take the time to lift some of these acts, but his ultimate goal. Tech 1) sending and reciving connect to this person or persons entering imagineing connect to something you normally see in a laser beam shot, theres my heart, feel, and then try to see what it can be felt, if your reciving, but if you just take some sections of the feeling that you want to feel your computer after connecting technology.

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