Monday, January 25, 2010

The Clairvoyance

Tarot - vision - intuitive feelings, the tarot cards to come, while the Hon-reading and then the feeling that something happened, someone else or somewhere else .... Thro dreams may also work.

While clairvoyance will generally help in connection with the spiritual world that gives you more sensitive, that contact will be easier to do!

"Be open" in contact with the Spirit means that you must have a contact very responsible, always on the field before and after contact and remain with their guides and guardians also no guarantee that there is much less likely still in danger.

First exercises to help you .. expandable to his vision, both physically and mentally.

A first exercise. 

Place your two index fingers pointing to the sides of the head in front of you, about a foot from his face, so that (as under two future without the right) to see one of them and then slowly rise again to date as possible, so they are still in their vision, not directly at it, he owes it to the edge of his vision. See how it once more before taking it out of sight .........

This can also be used, eye problems and stress.

I can feel the tension in sight!

Second exercise. 

Easy to ignore .... and a white screen in front of his third eye area, color (in your mind) to dark purple turquoise blue-green-blue-yellow-red-orange.

Then open your eyes and blinked, rubbed his eyes with great gentleness and peace for five minutes

He closes his eyes, this time at the blank screen and shows an apple, and record. Look turning slowly, and take note of everything that should be on them, shape, color, scent, including marks? Think of all!

To open their eyes and write down everything you've ever seen! What I saw was actually a real apple at a particular time in history, and has done or not available!.

The user interface of color, it must do to develop their skills and, finally, develop the capacity of the lack of healing.

Do we see a picture of someone in your area, and crown-down exploration. Take notes, how that person feels for you, and check with them later, take note of the conclusions of the check in later!

Working with this exercise for some time, and if you believe that the person you want to scan, return to see the screen and manipulate the arm to heal the area, still the reference color (see below ) in the background. Thus, the certainty that your treatment works, bless you and return to normal life !....

..... but given the situation "to be" clairvoyant, you need to take fully into account the real world and all that you offer!, the color of the sky .... green landscape .. . the miracle of the rainbow .... Drink in the beauty of what we have now, and is rapidly taking its first steps in the first months of clairvoyance!

For the healing visionary appropriate color can help screen behind the person to be healed. Go to "Learn more about Aura and Chakras'!

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