Thursday, February 5, 2009

definition of Telempathy

telempathy is the capacity to communicate by the emotions rather than to think in telepathic communication with the animals is usually telempathic in nature. capacity to concentrate this capacity s' to press on the people 2 emotions to be shown to them illusions or to make them believe qu' they are handicapped illusion that the begginig can with difficulty be the key of this part of the abillty is to feel what you want qu' they feel. For example, if you try to move away you from quelqu' one with a firearm, you concentrate on emtions it and to try to make l' qu' impression; they are d' to be choked or blind. See their suffocation in your spirit and to test project which exists in the feelings. Mind Control - can control the thoughts and the actions aan d' others by the empathic setting impressions in their spirits. Mind control: control more feeling for me, it does not control your thoughts, but it ya all your feelings and l' action is in relation to your subject and to put l' emotional state of l' spirit which you want to become visulizr their state emotional that you to want. Psionic Sounds: Mental edge capacity to concentrate the force in the bolts of pure psychic energy, and can be used as an offensive weapon, 2 adversaries to make unconscious or remove memories.could also a fire psionic beam. Also use the reflexion and to propose actions of l' empathy for the others. Psi explosion: of all is to you really a solid sixth psiball your eyes instead of your hand to see l' energy coming from the medium of your face and l' energy to say what you want qu' it makes, it hittng sixth eye. That is very useful and abilly May to seem complicated, but it is simple once you experinced NATURAL empathy it will take time to withdraw some of these exploits, but with time, you will be able to do it. Tech 1) and l' sending of reciving Connectez you to this person or people by imagineing something that you CONECT J' have l' practice to see a laser beam on the turning of my heart over there, and has then to try to see this qu' they feel, if your reciving but if you want project then visulize emotion that you wish qu' they feel youve made, after technical connection.

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