Thursday, February 5, 2009

the Clairvoyance

 Perspicacity, c' is l' art “to see” beyond the 5 directions. Perspicacity is often called the " sixth sens" It is related to images which are always present in our spirits that put msg frequency and d' other kingdoms. These images are prototypes May, colors, image, animation. They can be n' import what. They can remain over a few seconds or more. Initially, its easiest to see with your closed eyes. As you it development of your psychic capacities will be able to turn to higher frequencies, with the open eyes. very important rules with the development and to increase the capacities of your confidence - Care with your questions and you want to look after the others - To create an emotional and spiritual balance of your body or your messages will be as chaotic as you thought To increase the frequency and you will receive the images automatically - Experiment, to test and explore what is shown 2 U it truth on reality will be your mission here feeling In clairvoyance, “to see us” with what is commonly called the third eye. In the human brain is a gland called the pineal body. It is located behind the zone of the brain almost at the center of the head. This gland degenerated starting from its size d' origin comparable with that d' a table tennis ball of its size comparable with a garden pea, because we forgot the way of l' to use it a long time ya when our breathing changed. to explain what this video is clairvoyance

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