Saturday, January 31, 2009

the Precognition

6 steps to follow for learning this type of parapsychology
Analyze your first precognition event. Check how you are and what finally happened. Recording the results. See how this event has shown in your visions and dreams and to remember how it finally arrived. Compare the quality of this dream or vision to normal and the vision of the dream images.
Consideration of the next dream or vision that you have is the quality of your last precognition kind of dream. Record as much detail as possible on this dream. When the event happens, the record, right next to the dream or vision that you have the anticipation of this event.
Repeat this cycle until you have enough data to determine what kind of predictions, you can do. Some dreams or visions to provide to the letter what is happening, others predict a small aspect. For example, a dream that you are in a tropical island, you walk followed closely by a courtyard with a couple of palm trees and the flow of water from outside the fence.
Create another section to the projections. Begin to make predictions and test your work with reality. Find out why you were off the mark - or how it is that you guessed right. Apply the results to the next test.


Get in touch with someone who sees himself as a "medium" or someone who understands the dreams and visions. Do not tell him about your note. Receiving feedback on your experiences. Tell him your dream or vision recently, and get his prediction. Test his prediction.
Step 6 
Test your precognitions as many times as possible until you get an idea of what you are able to see. May you be the guy who is part of the future, or May you be the type who sees entire scenes in the future. You can have both types of precognition.
this video explain what is the precogntions

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