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Lucid dreaming

 6 easy steps to use lucid dream   1. What is Lucid Dreaming and its uses. In normal dreams, we are "actors" in a play. We do not know the plot or outcome 
until it happens. Things for us. "It may be fear, confusion, 
dull, stressful and frustrating at times. We are not in control. It is clear 
dreams, we are in control. We can do what we want. We can 
will change the world - just wish that the monster is hunting you 
a beautiful woman (or man) and hop Or better yet, stop and ask 
why the monster you hunt. The advantages are lucid dream 
endless. Being in a lucid dream is a very special time and place. The 
wonderful, it is as real as "real life". Can you 
Imagine a place, like this world, except for the fact that you 
have magical powers, can do absolutely anything you want, and 
where dreams instantly? The only difference is that in the 
Lucid Dream World, you know, on the back of your mind you 
dream. But this does not diminish the sensation of it. And 
because you know that you dream you can do what you want, 
without "fucking" something in your life. You can even fly, go 
on the sea floor, walk through walls, and satisfy your wildest 
fantasies. Our dreams are normal so true that we usually have no idea 
we dream. Similarly, in Lucid Dreams, our experience 
our senses, and everything is the same, or even more vivid and 
brilliant, that our waking hours. The key to lucid dream is simply 
be aware that you are dreaming. The door opens to infinity 
learning opportunities, adventure, healing, imagination and fear. 

2. Do not forget your dreams. If you do not remember much 
your dreams already, do not fret. Here is a sure recipe for help: First, 
notebook or keep a dream journal next to your bed. When you 
wake up every morning, before you move a muscle, and before you 
open your eyes, ask yourself "What do I dream?" When you 
get an answer, just down right away. Several times, we remember 
right of our dreams when we wake up, but we forget these days 
we get out of bed. If you're like most people, it only takes a few 
days until you start writing. Do not attempt the next step until you 
are certain to remember your dreams. 

3. Check in frequently. Again, the key to the lock that opens the door 
the Lucid Dream World is the knowledge that you dream. In 
regular dreams, we assume that we are awake, even if 
strange things. The strangest thing is happening, but we 
do not usually think that we are dreaming. Because everything is so 
real, we have f "for all", and believe that our waking life. Even when we do 
wonder, "hey, I can dream, we do not use this precious 
suspicion to our advantage. The best way to learn how to do 
dream of a "check-in often." What I mean is that people 
ask yourself, "Am I dreaming right now?", even when you are 
awake. You must have a way of checking to see if you are awake or 
dreaming. One way is to answer a few words on a billboard or on paper or 
anywhere. If you dream, the words are illegible, funny 
research, or they just could not make sense. They will be some 
different from normal. Another way is to watch the palm of your 
hand. If you dream, you know. Once you have 
Choose your method of control, use of at least 6 times a day while 
you are awake. The best time to check anything that seems fair 
a little weird. It May seem silly at first, but it only takes a second or 
two, and it's worth. To do so, often, you create a habit of 
how, who stays with you while you dream. One day 
as soon as you ask yourself the question when you dream, just 
usual. You ask yourself, "Am I dreaming? You go to your 
check-in, and you will find the answer is yes. This is a sacred moment. 
If you enjoy your check-ins, and the development of habit 
you must also complete step 4, you know what to do when 
that moment arrives. 

4. Have A Plan For What To Do When You Get A Yes. If you are not 
prepared for this special moment, you can not use it. As 
indicated above, the suspects, they are the dream, or even to know 
they dream, but just go on their dream, which is a 
actor in the room. Knowing that your dream is very valuable 
information and this information should be used, not lost! For a 
thing, if you know that you dream, you do not have to worry about 
injury. It's just a dream. "(In fact, the words" dream "and 
"Fair" is not in the same sentence). However, you need a 
Plan what to do when you realize your dreams. A simple 
plan is to fly. All you have to do is take off! If you wish, you can 
a good start and leap into the air. Do you think, "I am 
fly today. "An alternative is to manipulate your 
surroundings. If there is another person, you can "you" or 
to do something, without saying a word. Or, you can modify a 
object into something else. Whatever your choice in your plan, stay 
with this plan until it is used. Start with something simple and 
the rest will follow. If you do not have a concrete plan and simple 
May you wake up in the confusion. To avoid waking up to this type of series 
your plan firmly in your mind while you are awake. You say, 
"I realize when I dream, I'll stay in my dream, and begin ..." 

  At this point, you'll have your first lucid dream. 

5. Think about your dreams while awake. Now that you've spent 
to have a lucid dream, think how you can use lucid dreams. Think 
your dreams about what it means for you. Think about how you can learn 
from them. Think about some fantasies that you would like to live. 
The best thing about lucid dreams, your mind will feel as if you 
actually do these things when you wake up. So if you always 
wanted to swim with dolphins, go! Do it in a lucid dream and 
you will be fulfilled! If you are awake, think of all the uses of 
lucid dream and make your plans for the next time it happens. Set 
the plan firmly in your mind. Each time you make your check-in, to remind 
what the plan is for today. The possibilities are endless. 
  Just a few examples: 
  Flying Journey and Space 
  Being with your personality 
  Performing before an audience 
  Sexual fantasies 
  Ask questions and receive advice in real life, questions 
  Going to the holy places 
  Deal with situations 
  Be in awe of your surroundings - the senses are 
  more if you focus on them. The scenes are 
  more vivid, sounds are more intense, etc. .. 
  If you take a moment, you can really feel the beauty. 
6. Learn more and become an expert Lucid Dreamer! - I highly recommend the book 
Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, PhD. It is filled with many uses 
lucid dreams and other ways to develop the ability to have an overview 

The best thing about lucid dream, it's not just something just read 
about. You may experience a short period of time if you follow 
these steps!

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