Saturday, January 31, 2009

the hypnosis

l' hypnosis is a treatment quickly more acceptable for the many mental one. One of most popular hypnosis is a treatment to help the others to surmount l' anxiety. Progress of technology and positive tests of l' hypnosis are promising of treatment for those which almost tested all the other methods to face their problems d' anxiety. Follow these stages to help you to use l' hypnosis to overcome l' anxiety. it s' d' acts; one 6 stages to follow to learn l' hypnosis

Stage 1

To evaluate the level d' anxiety that hope you to surmount, is by you or your customer if you are a clinician. To manage or to take a test in which one can distinguish gravity, the duration and the range of the anxious feelings.

Stage 2

Visit or to consult a doctor for a complete medical examination so d' to exclude any medical problem. Return to l' hypnothérapie and to determine if l' anxiety is organic or psychological.

Stage 3

To know where l' anxiety is in the body, the majority of d' people; experiment in l' stomach, of head, sometimes, legs and arms. Write the words associated with this part of the body. Words used by the patient to describe the feelings d' anxiety will be used later in the hypnotic suggestion.

Stage 4

Choose hypnotic, like the suggestion of direct method, progressive relieving, etc Trouver hypnotic or to find a specialist in the books d' instruction which helps in the hypnotic process.

Stage 5

To find some quiet where it n' there d' will not have; interruptions. In order to provide care or to make your hypnotic suggestions of s' to ensure that the maximum of profit of your meetings d' hypnosis.

Stage 6

Repeat jusqu' so that hypnotic desired result is reached. To add cognitive suggestions to help you in the medium of l' anxiety or crises of panic.

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