Saturday, January 31, 2009

telepathy for beginners

3 easy steps to learn telepathy


well ... I need to repeat the known (breathe, relax, sit in a quiet place) ...? it is naturally what you do whaen you want to do any other activity-oriented menatal. 

the first step: just IMAGEN how it is, if you sit in the cup, you swill are low, while IMAGEN how you can feel inside of the glass, and how you can hear the noise Outside, enjoy this feeling for 5 minutes, thinking about anything other than what you do .. 

the next stage: Now that you look from your eyes, you look a little (TU) in the cup, but you are always out of it ... So .. what happens if you, who watches you in the glass ...... 
You all sit at the size of your cup 
I am not talking about your body, I say you are all feeling that was the case ... 
Now, after that, say (or think) about this message, say something like (sorry, or: help) attention that this kind of telepathy is verbal, telepathy, not visual .... 
the last stage: the inspiration and to relax, forget what you have done 
I will wait your comments 

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