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The Mystery of the Green Children

At harvest, during the chaotic reign of King Stephen of England (1135-1154), it was a strange event in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, near Bury St Edmunds. Although harvesters working in the field to capture two small children in deep trenches wolves, wolves, known as pits, hence the name of the village. The children, a boy and a girl, her skin a shade of green, and wore a strange color, material unknown product. Walking around for several minutes before harvest and machines are taken to confuse the village. Here, the neighbors gathered around and asked, but nobody could understand the language the children speak, while in the house of a local landowner, Sir Richard de Calne (or Colne), a few miles away awake Wikes in (or placed). Here she burst into tears refused for several days, bread and other foods that are made to eat. But if they fixed the first beans with their stems still children dying of hunger immediately reported to have been bombed desperate for food. However, if the children had opened the stalks instead of beans, and found nothing inside, began to cry. After he was shown how to get the bean, survived to the children of this food for several months until they have acquired a taste for bread.

Finally, the boy, who seemed younger of the two was, depressed, ill and died, but the girls adapted to their new life, and was baptized. Her skin has lost its original green color and became a young man and health. He learned English and later married a man from the nearby town of Lavenham (or King's Lynn in the neighboring county of Norfolk, accounts vary), apparently still "casual and meaningless in their behavior." After a few years, widowed. Some sources claim that his real name Agnes Barre man married to a former ambassador of Henry II, it is also said that the current Earl Ferrers is a descendant of it by intermarriage.

If their past, they could log only vague information about where the children came and asked her how she came Woolpit. She said she and her little brother and sister, and was of the earth "from St. Martin, where he had an eternal twilight, and all residents in green, as if they were. I do not know exactly where their house was, but a different light "of the land could be regarded as a river" great "that separates them. He recalled that one day they followed the herds of his father in the fields of research and further into a cave where they heard a loud bell. trance, walking in the dark for a long period at the entrance of the cave, where they were blinded by the sunlight to reach immediately recognizable. They set up in the clouds for a long time before the sound of the reaper frightened, and she got up and tried to escape but were up to the entrance of the cave before they identify capture.

Originally from the 12th Century was the strange story of the children green fairy in the popular imagination by the subsequent history, as written in the reference anatomy of melancholy by Robert Burton, in 1621, occupied and a description based on original sources, Thomas Keightley's Fairy Mythology (1828). There was a second case of alleged child in a place called 'Banjos "in Spain, in August 1887th However, the details of this event almost exactly the same as the case of Woolpit, and history seems to be John Macklin destinations emerged in his book "Stranger (1965). There is a place called "banjos in Spain and the bill is nothing but a representation of the history of the 12th century English.

The two original sources of history since the 12th Century inexplicable. William of Newburgh (1136-1198), historian of the English language, including children of the Greens in his work rerum Anglicarum main story (history of business in English), history of England from 1066 to 1198. The other source is Ralph Coggeshall (died c 1228), was in sixth Abt 1207-1218 Coggeshall in Essex. His report on children Anglicanum green in the Chronicle (English Chronicle), which has contributed 1187 to 1224 inclusive. As the dates in two years, many authors reported after the incident allegedly occurred. The fact that no issue of children of the Greens in the Anglo-Saxon, who can with the history of England until the death of Stephen King in 1154 and includes many "miracle", while popular , suggesting either the History is simply a myth, or that the accident occurred early in the reign of Henry II, held during the reign of King Stephen.

Ralph of Coggeshall, Essex, who live in the neighboring county of Suffolk, has certainly had a direct access to persons involved in the case. In fact, says in his column, which is often the same story of Richard de Calne, where Agnes had worked as a waitress. On the other hand, had William of Newburgh, who live in a monastery in Yorkshire lost, no direct knowledge of events, but he made the contemporary historical sources, as shown when he says: "I was so overwhelmed by the weight of number "such competent witnesses. Richard de Calne and his house "Wikes" have never been identified. However, there is one near Wakes Colne in Essex Manor - A few miles from Coggeshall, one wonders if there is some confusion in the writing of history is here.

What evidence is there for Agnes to marry a high-level envoy of Henry II, is unclear. The only trace the first ambassador of that name at the time was Richard Barre, chancellor of Henry II, archdeacon of Ely, and true justice, to the late 12th Century. After 1202, Richard, a canon of Leicester in Austin, now retired, it seems unlikely that he was the husband of Agnes.

Explanations for Children Green

Various explanations have been offered to children puzzle Woolpit green. The most extreme is that the children of a hidden world inside the earth that had somehow gone through a door to a parallel dimension that was by accident or were foreigners who came to earth. An adherent of the theory of the latter is the Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan, which means that foreign children have been on earth proposes transported from another planet accidentally by a problem the fault of the transmitter.

A local legend green links children with the babes "in Wood's first novel, 'published in Norwich in 1595, and probably acts in Wayland Wood, near Thetford Forest, near the border of Norfolk, Suffolk. The story of one count of medieval Norfolk was the uncle and guardian of two children, a boy and a girl, three years younger. to inherit his money The boy has two men in the woods and kill them, but not be able to write and the fall of Wayland Wood, where they die of starvation and exposure. The change moves wood Woolpit Woolpit story on the outskirts of the city, and children of survivors attempted arsenic poisoning of the output Woolpit Heath, they were found by fishermen. arsenic has been by some as a reason for the green-skinned children "was presented, and the possibility that in real life 12 century forest girls" have been, or folk tales Feral children can not be excluded completely inspired.

The explanation was accepted today by Paul Harris, Fortean Studies 4 (1998). His theory is more or less as follows. First, is the date of the accident forward to 1173, during the reign of King Stephen's successor Henry II. There was a steady exodus of Flanders (northern Belgium) weavers and merchants in 11th century England were, and Harris said that after King Henry II of these immigrants were persecuted, culminating in a battle at Fornham Suffolk in 1173, massacred thousands of people. His theory is that the children had probably lived in or near the village of Fornham St. Martin, then the details of St. Martin in its history. This city, a few miles from Woolpit, it is separated by the River Lark, mentioned that take into account the river "significant" by the child. After his parents were killed in the conflict, the two children had escaped to Flanders dense forest, dark Thetford Forest.

chlorosis Harris suggests that when children hid for some time, "without enough food, can be developed due to malnutrition - hence the greenish color of the skin. He believes that later came the sound of bells churches, Bury St. Edmunds, and is one of several mines in subways as part of the flint mines Grimes Graves Neolithic Age 4000 years have been. incurred by the corridors of my time in Woolpit, and children malnourished state of confusion, with their strange clothes and speaking the Flemish language, strange took place that the villagers have not had contact with Flemish.

Harris certainly ingenious hypothesis plausible answers to many puzzles in the secret Woolpit. But the theory accounts for displaced children and orphans Flemish Green is not in many respects. When Henry II came to power and decided the Flemish mercenaries of Stephen King before the country used to drive Flemish weavers and traders who lived in the country for generations are affected. In the battle of the civil war in 1176 Fornham Flemish mercenaries were used for the armies of King Henry II murdered, the struggle waged by his side with the rebel barons. These mercenaries have been difficult to bring their families. After their defeat, the soldiers remaining in the country of flamenco, and many were attacked and killed by local people. While he owned land in Calne Richard or one of your members or visitors who have an education, to recognize the language children speak Flemish. After all, they must be fairly widespread in the East of England to the past.

Theory of Harris children hiding in the forest of Thetford, hearing the bells of Bury St Edmunds and will be guided by underground tunnels Woolpit also problems of geography. Firstly, Bury St Edmunds 40 miles from Thetford Forest, the children may not have heard the bells in the distance. In addition, quarries, are limited to the Thetford Forest, there are subways, which is Woolpit, if necessary, about 50 km from the forest to Woolpit, certainly too far from starving for two children foot. Although children were Green Fornham St Martin, is still running 16 km Woolpit, and how "strong flow" baby - Lark river is too narrow to qualify for this.

Folklore and Fairy

There are many aspects of Woolpit story is in English folk tales and beliefs, and some researchers see children as incarnations of green nature in relation to the Green Man or Jack-in-the-Green English folklore, and even the odd green knight Arthurian myth. Maybe they are the elves and fairies that even a century or two, we thought, probably all of the population in many countries. If children's story is a fairy tale, is also unusual twist of the young girl ever returned from another world, but there is still married and live as a mortal. Maybe Ralph Coggeshall remark somewhat enigmatically that it was "quite freely and without meaning in their behavior is" a proposal that some of its history had kept barbarism. In fact, she is her own description of the Earth Saint-Martin "is a traditional name for fairies, as the author Juliana Horatia Ewing in 1871, describes -

It was a kind of heath, where he lives. Of course, there was no moonlight, and yet was neither light nor darkness. It is like the light of dawn, and every note was clear and dreamy, like the first day that goes by the sounds of fresh air before sunrise.

Juliana Horatia Ewing - "Amelia and the Dwarfs" (from the library of the Elves and other stories, 1871).

The color green has always been associated with fairies, the other world and the supernatural. The number of children bean suggests another link with the afterlife, such as beans that the food of the dead. In Roman religion Lemuria is an annual festival in which people use the gifts of the spirit of grain Evil Dead (lemurs) to banish from their homes. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, and in medieval England, the beans contained the souls of the dead.

That children of Woolpit story is green in two sources of the 12th century should contain not be taken as proof of their authenticity. Note that the medieval chronicles, despite the description of the political and religious are also many signs, wonders and miracles would not be approved today, but it was believed at that time, men and women trained. Maybe it was the strange children's Green, a symbol of the hard times are changing, with the mythology and folklore mixed in the afterlife. Or it may be one of the first fairy tales in English that we have. Whatever the truth, unless the descendants of "Agnes bars can be done" as some have suggested, to find contemporary documents or other evidence, the story of the children of Green is one of the mysteries most enigmatic of England to stay.

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