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Hungry Ghost Captured in a Cemetery

Ghost of a girl walks over the offerings in a chinese cemetery 

Posted by Yuiiko July 23, 2008

On July 23, 2008, received an email called CPS for a distributed real ghost caught in a cemetery in Malaysia. SPI immediately asked the sender of the video source. But the friend of friends and colleagues, etc. The way the e-mail has been approved has been written, it seems that the propaganda that people are warned, and not the image in the cemetery during the month mind hungry. The video shows a female phenomenon, which appears to be translucent for the supply to go around a grave. "


Subject: Arrested Ghost - Real crash
Date: Wed, July 23, 2008 1:31:36 p.m. 0800 actual catches, viewed with QuickTime.

Note the slender body and long hair woman walking almost transparent at points not compressed, so thin, and she seems to have nothing.

This is a typical school realm of hungry ghosts, those who always see in horror movies.

Fans of paranormal phenomena, to be sure it's a real catch is not counterfeit. But try not to go to things when people start with rituals, the body is a small chance to see things even worse. This catch a ball at the end of files, right?

The event offers the paranormal are summarized below:

1,slim women with long hair in almost transparent - the specter of such funds
2 can walk over to offer products without crushing them - that the mind can swim
3 It is so thin and looks like he has nothing - which means a bare

Some of the screenshot below shows the spectrum in 0:00:05 at the grave, it is not surprising, his legs crushed items available:

To discredit

We will now examine in more detail in the next screen, taken in 0:00:07

The sequence of scenes of ghosts (Hiking Girl) is a few seconds at most, but reveals the "truth", the exhibition of this deception. now extends the image, red-rimmed, we can see clearly what is the appearance as follows:

We can see that some of their surroundings, just a girl with a stick. The rod casts a shadow on the tomb has a symmetrical shape / \, which is similar to its pair of legs. The height of the wall of the tomb is high enough to cover her legs. discredit More details on spectral properties of 3.1 are:

1, slim women with long hair in almost transparent - the specter of such funds

You see that girl hair length shoulder only, use a garment can be white or colored surfaces. This is certainly not transparent. But their color with the background that seems transparent.

2  can walk over to offer products without crushing them - that the mind can swim

This is a matter of angles and perspectives. Firstly, the girl seemed not to move, let alone "walk" in the offer. If this video you will see the person moving the camera from right to left, while the girls go to material considered "from left to right. The crowd was moving chaotic foreground draws the viewer to see clearly.

Secondly, it is not swim. It is the optical illusion that fools the viewers that the stick and the shadow (it's the way ^) have the legs to offer on foot.

The description of the girl as "Slim" is psychological heads of the audience agreed that the thin legs like sticks rule, which reinforces this misconception.

A picture again with the "ghost" is specified below, the position and attitude of the seal adopted the ghost

The wall of the tomb is actually yellow leg with the left stick and shadow, to believe that the public visual misleading, that "floats" on the offer, without damage.

The girl was not the truth, but only with a stick behind the tomb. This situation is common in the cemetery, like the sticks used to manipulate the fire tenders.

3 It is so thin and looks like he has nothing - which means a bare

It is actually a dress. In fact, with hindsight, everyone is gray. This is due to technical limitations of the camera phone video. The low resolution and reduction of memory size is unlikely to record every detail of the color. For example, information on color are more concentrated in the foreground, where the bottom is the lack of detail and color of pixel.


This could be a video clip of the United Nations, faith handled without any digital manipulation. provide for the low-resolution video, which always leads to a "light", only for the facts.

This is usually present in blurred images, the right ingredients for the imagination, things.

Only when the film is carefully analyzed, I added details, we can clearly see the facts.

I suppose some of these girls accidentally shot when they reviewed the video and found the picture seems to be a girl ghost. And then to make this story one more reason for the propaganda - the power hungry ghosts can run more supply to fame as a warning to the people must be respected in the cemeteries.

Incidentally, I've never heard a ghost appears in full light. Case closed.

Follow-up - another urban legend Taboo Cemetery

Forums This story was distributed by e-mail, and others.

Here's a version:

The video is supposed to be a girl in a Chinese cemetery in Malaysia Pahang be accepted from 16 years. It is a cemetery on the hill, a group of graves to bury the same clan (the same name as the girl).

The story is this: She was initially skeptical when he saw many of rumors that reality a taboo that a person is born of conflict given year to the hearing Taoist ritual. The person must be kept out of the ritual. The absence of a disaster - the light is a disease, violent death, serious injury and

The reason is said to the person who revealed the years of conflict, the approach of the ritual, they are more vulnerable to attacks because they are mentally vulnerable. "The soul of the person is sensitive and easily stay in touch with the spiritual side. So, for your safety, stay away. And also, at least during the ritual, because you take the conflict in their year of birth, go back or close their eyes.

To believe in this day does not mean that this girl and wants to be "lucky" to show the spirits of the experiment. He went with his family and relatives to the grave and ready to burn the tender documents and so on. He was warned not to enter the cemetery by his parents, but stubbornly insisted on coming. Moreover, he wanted to try to use their phone to see a ghost to see if it's really easy to stay in contact with the other side.

He asked his brother to the movies with his elbow to elbow with the phone and camera. The reason is that I prove, that she wanted to break, while his brother can not be something. At the beginning of the video was shot without aiming to prepare his family for the ritual of the tomb. Orally, during the shooting, he sees the ghosts questioned.

His irresponsible behavior has warned her cousin standing near her, who is a pupil of the master. His cousin firing stopped immediately. He then said he was sick after it in the sun of the day considered the movie to see, she was surprised he caught a phantom body, such as walking on the offer! Finally, she wrote in mass e-mail circulating among his friends, and spread to every moment of this incident - that he wanted to show a message of "Ghost is real, during the Hungry Ghost Month, the taboo cons firing a cemetery is real, and if she take the fall and breaks taboos paranormal evil. "

This is essentially the whole story. Obviously, this discredited propaganda IPS

Theme 2 - A man or a woman?

On August 13, 2008 Mr James Goh wrote to SPI and the girl said: "This allows the word" would be perceived differently. See image below. This is another classic example of optical illusion in which the pixels are blurred background. Depending on how you see the image, our mind can be interpreted in different ways.

Have you seen a man or a woman with the cane? When I was a child, as already seen, she wears a white sleeveless dress, short hair long, stood before the side of the camera. For if the image was a man, you can clearly see the hair, shirt collar V-neck and was wearing dark trousers.

Logically, it is likely that a person would have a stick as if he wanted to resolve the offers are on one side of the girl. Also sometimes can not believe any longer. This case shows how the loss of a ghost story and the possibilities of tricks view in our heads that faith leads to a comment bad play paranormal.

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