Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learning Psychometry

If you have a goal and he knew that a feeling or a feeling that not everyone could explain, or perhaps you will also find ideas of another time or place of floating in his head, then found some of psychometrics. The term "psychometrics" was invented by a scientist named Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. The word in this context means "far from the heart of the" d "an object. Psychic today" that today is a form of retro-cognition - the ability of the consciousness of the past in terms of . Psychometrics, Regressions, Past and also covers cycles of numerology, or be classified as forms of Rétrovision. The practice of psychometrics and is based on the concept of L 'that some people are capable of vibration of objects and even people are based. These oscillations, education is part of "a zone team around the object" that can be felt in May "S is lighter in general, could be the emotional" charge influence of vibrations, a knife in a murder now take a field may have more than the common kitchen knife. If you think you look crazy mind: you have the elements to hold a ring or a chain, d an expensive product, what happens? "They feel a connection with her lover in the case of l '; object? With a little practice you can develop psychometric. The first step is to relax completely. , Hypnosis Meditation Self, l 'and biofeedback are a great way to start learning how to free your body, while his mind, it is possible to focus and concentrate without effort. Have learned to relax fully tested for the following experiments.
Experiment 1
To relieve your condition at the place and want to go instead to the object 's psychometrize in his hand. It will help to place the light in the May 'top and gently cares for the subject'. Lets see all the thoughts, images or feelings that you have the sequence of future maintenance. This is for 5 or 10 minutes, and record your impressions. At this point should be to test it 's up to you to interpret your impressions. It is sufficient remarkable. You need time with what is possible from this experience question because it is an essential practice.
Experiment 2
For this test, you must "be a costly s listings of the loan" friend "or". Relax and take possession of the. Be open vibration of objects and knowledge of all the impressions it receives. N censor themselves. Check the view with the object owner 's and inaccuracies in the notes. until practice "for you, your opinion on the accuracy of even 80%. In May this be a "little time! 
This video explains how psychometrics

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