Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Bilocation

the Bilocation is the ability to simultaneously in two different places are available. Double is the range or in physical form, usually in an act or a strange mechanical way, and yours does not respond when they speak. Bilocation experience differs from "outside the body in a physical and mental double, interacting with other objects d 'and is composed by the other hand, while the attempt of" body awareness, self leaving the physical, seen without some form of physical and mental beings. Although not very common, always save the phenomenon of ubiquity. He complained to stand trial, and in rare cases, are running the gurus, mystics, saints, monks, supporters of magic. Several Christian saints and monks, it seems bilocation Italy as Padre Pio of, Santo Antonio de Padua, St. Ambrose well known in Milan and Ravenna Saint-heavy. In 1774, a pilot project in the history of accounts that describe Ligoure Santa Maria Alfonso, appears in the header of the death of Clement XIV, while Saint-Alphonse was in a prison cell, a place five days before the day is limited. In the mythology of the concept of twin or double "namely, of existence, a bad marriage. This idea seems to parallel the concept of omnipresence. Doppelgangers happened with the birth, 's Child will be replaced by good and evil. And if you are known to die. Bilocation is also a state of mind by some experts in the description of the remote display. In this context, it is believed that care at a distance L spectator "in two or consciousness is divided so that half of the attention of the" aware that the viewer is at a remote location, and the other ' s are half focuses on himself. environment, "Jeffry R. Palmer is the author" of several books in the subjects of metaphysics, and the development of paranormal psychic phenomena known. His articles and columns in several popular international magazines published. accurate and detailed psychic predictions, including Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian tsunami Set D l ',' to an international audience.

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