Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is Bilocation?

Bilocation is the capacity to exist simultaneously in two different places. Double May appear in physical shape or spectral, usually in an act or a little strange mechanical manner and does not answer when not spoken. Bilocation differs from l' experiment out of the body in a double physics and spiritual exists, which interacts with d' other people and d' objects and it is assisted by d' others, whereas l' experiment out of the body to the conscience to leave l' physical autonomy, without expressing a physical shape or spiritual visible entity. Although not very frequent, the phenomenon of bilocation was always recorded. It is pled to be tested, and in rare cases, to be practised by will, by gurus, mystics, saints, the monks, the followers of the magic. Several Christian saints and the monks were, seems to have known bilocation such as Padre Pio of l' Italy, Holy Antoine de Padoue, Saint-Ambroise of Milan and Saint-Severe of Ravenne. In 1774, pilot history of the accounts to describe Holy Alphonse Marie de' Ligouri appearing in the bedside of died of Clement XIV, whereas Saint-Alphonse was limited to a cell of prison in a five days place to far. In the mythology of the concept of Doppelganger double or l' implies; d' existence; a double evil. This idea seems parallel to the concept of bilocation. Doppelgangers would have been passed to the birth, l' child is well replaced by the evil. It is known as that if both should meet, they will perish. Bilocation is also a state d' spirit describes by certain experts of remote visualization. In this context, it is estimated that the remote spectator of l' attention or of sensitizing is divided into two so that half of l' attention of the conscious spectator is formed on a distant site, and l' another half is concentrated on l' immediate environment. Jeffry R. Palmer is l' well-known author several works relating to the subjects of metaphysics, the paranormaux phenomena and of psychic development. Its articles and of the columns were published in several popular international magazines. It specifies and detailed psychic forecasts, including l' hurricane Katrina and the tsunami indonésien collected l' d' attention; an international public.

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