Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning Psychometry The Easy Way

If you already collected an object and knew a feeling or a feeling which you could not all explain, or, to perhaps even find thoughts d' another time or of floating place through your spirit, then you met a little psychometry. The term “psychometry” was invented by a scientist of the name of Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. The word, in this context, the means “of measuring l' heart” d' an object. Parapsychologists aujourd' today qu' he is a form of retrocognition - the capacity of the conscience d' to observe the past. Psychometry, last regressions, and even of the tops or the cycles of Numerology can all be classified like forms of retrocognition. The practice of psychometry is based on l' idea that certain people are able to feel the vibrations of the objects and even people. These vibrations, in a general way, form d' part; a field in layers around l' object which is perceived May. It is generally easier to take l' influence emotive load of the vibrations, a knife in a business of murder May have a field stronger than the ordinary kitchen knife. If you think that can seem insane in consideration: have you to keep articles, a ring or a collar, d' a expensive being which passed? You feel a connection to your beloved when l' is handled; object? With a little practice you May to develop your capacity psychometric. The first stage is to slacken completely. Meditation, l' car hypnosis and the autogenic training are all great ways to start to learn how to release your body while making it possible your spirit to be concentrated and to concentrate without effort. After having learned how to completely slacken to test the following experiments.
Experiment 1
You in your state of relieving put and to place l' object which you wish psychometrize in your hand. It will contribute to May places l' another light hand on the top and cherishes it gently l' object. Allow you to note all the thought, images or feelings which come to you as you maintain l' object. Made that for 5 or 10 minutes and to note your impressions. At this stage, should not test d' to you; to interpret your impressions. The simple fact d' in taking note. You should spend time as much than you can on this experiment because it is a fundamental practice.
For this test, you will need d' to borrow a d' object; a friend or d' a expensive being. Relaxed and to take possession of l' object. Leave you to open the objects of vibrations and to note all the impressions which you receive. Not to censure oneself. Check your impressions with the owner of l' object and note inaccuracies. Keep to practise jusqu' so that you find your opinion about l' exactitude of 80%. This May to take a certain time!

this video explain How to do Psychometry

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