Thursday, April 29, 2010

Psychology Decision Making

Decisions! Understanding the psychology of decision making can help achieve a speedy conclusion. If you choose a destination, or to finance a project, you will find this model of decision making psychology a useful addition to your toolbox of management.

Take your decision must be (at least in theory) be easier - at least one person involved! So let's jump into the hardest group to make decisions. Somehow, personality conflicts, power struggles and hidden agendas, a perfect solution would be interesting ...

A camel is a horse designed by a committee

Group decision making, a number of methods can be applied. These methods map to an axis of the Directive of "participation" in decision making. The methods that are closer to the field of politics, which means that the decision is taken by a small group of young decision makers. Methods that are lower in the spectrum, is the area of participation, the decision is supported by all stakeholders.
single dominance is when one person in the group of the authority or power to make the final decision.

The influence of minorities in general the form of delegated decisions by major groups and sub-committees conducted.

The governments of the greatest influence on the vote of the group of alternatives and the alternative with the most votes wins.

Consensus group discussion of alternatives, with each team member agree on a choice and enter the result.

Politics is great when time is short and decisions must be made quickly.

The risk is that decisions are taken by a person heard a person. Those affected by the decision could soon make their feelings to their actions. If it does not have a bank account up between the people involved, the decision may, but in heart. If a bank account under or negative, between the individuals involved, there may be trouble ahead!

To increase the chances of a decision to accept a participatory approach is recommended. participate in simple words, the people want. Regardless of power and status, knowing that their control and influence their life satisfaction and increased productivity.

And "in the help option, the speed of recovery has known. The patient, a narrow bed, wondering if you made curtains open or closed, or a factory to supply the want, you better than those whose life is entirely managed by others.

The more people participate in decision-making is risky. More time is needed. It requires skilled facilitation. No guarantee of success. But it only increase the likelihood of hearing decisions and implemented are enough people to make positive change.

the psychology of the decision is simple - participating receives the results. Despite the power struggles, personality conflicts and hidden agendas are the domain of fear, in time the power dissipation, and load programs more transparent. Invest time in learning the techniques of group decision making and gain experience in promoting and achieving results. The decision of this kind of work .... is yours!

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