Thursday, March 18, 2010

Precognition - Knowing The Future

It's Justinbronze. I have precognition and advanced intelligence. Soon (when I exercise my powers often) I want to get telekinesis / psychokinesis and telepathy. These are the forces of good have in common. While the vision and understanding of art and learning are not all perfect, because it is difficult to say what in your mind and intuition, and it is a vision of the future. But in both cases, we discover the future. Now, we speak your mind, the powers associated with full power. First, here is a good exercise, chakra exercise Furious blog entry. Focus on the chakras and aura, your vision becomes more powerful. Angry Message: 

"What we are doing here to the chakras in the hands and rubbed his hands, that the warming and stimulating. As soon as you feel comfortable and grilled (it takes about thirty seconds or less), place your palms, fingers and aligning . Now, start slowly, take their hands off each other, until you push or pull sensation (some people feel that even if other people feel at the other), suggesting that it is now the outer edge of a large room in your energy field. usually happens when hands are four to eight centimeters.
If you get no sense in using this technique for the first time this year, try again to experience this feeling. I promise you. Some people feel the board until you actually play with the same area, moving his hands and then close further, as if playing with a lollipop. Try it, if the push / pull-go feeling in his hands, the idea that the energy you feel and the sense of how energy is viewed, what is really in the hands easily . The aura that surrounds the field of radiation energy from you. You have to learn, the ability to recognize some of the energy of the limit of its aura. "

Now, for your vision will become stronger and more accurate. But your vision as powerful as being able to exercise their power through the card game Zener Precognition Test side to put a little power - Some of the best known. Another thing to help their visions to be is better for items that can enhance its power. It could be fire, water, air, or nature, music, silence, things like that .. Thunderstorms could be used for air-water and wildlife. For me, I'm stronger, when nature is stronger. If it's raining. could be for you otherwise. If the element of fire to be careful. Especially if the child is under 11 or 12. After all that its maximum power and vision is to become stronger and more accurate. Hope it helps!

Your favorite precog, Justinbronze.

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