Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Third Eye and The sixth chakra

It is located at the front, on top of a triangle, whose base is formed by our two eyes. 
Her element is the interior. 
Its physical correspondence is with the cerebellum, nose, sinuses, the optical system, the auditory system and face. 
At the emotional level it leads to crystallization of transparency. 
Its color is indigo. 
The center is attached to all our senses as well as extra sensory perception: insights manifested by internal perceptions of our senses.

This is our central command post, which becomes clear when we accept the free passage of energy through us.

It is connected to the planetary body, also called body Buddhist.

At the level of consciousness that corresponds to it, we can at will use the information contained in the collective unconscious and help those wishing to find their way.

This is the chakra of clairvoyants. Its transparency allows instant access to global consciousness. The truths related to this plan are designed in the perception of unity and emerged from the trial. We can release the consciousness of this center align our itinerary with our changing needs. It is like a spellbook or written, but the information it contains may change at any time based on new openings made aware.
At this level, we realize that we are all connected and that our projections interfere with those around us in the creation of "real" world.
We live our reality based on what we've decided to believe, but according to the beliefs of those around us, on this reality.

BODY OR BUDDHIST planetary ether 
This body enables the integration of spirit into matter. 
It consists of a sound vibration and energy supply to a passage from subtle to strong, rapid to slow. 
You can imagine this body as a funnel, collecting droplets corresponding to the condensation of the spirit, and leading to flow into the matter by a continuous movement.
It allows the mind to invest material. 
The consciousness of that body brings the intuitive knowledge of the way of life designed by the inner being.
This path can be changed or completed, according to our continued growth.
In the consciousness of the body, time does not exist, past and future are gathered in one space. 
Some of us have access to through him in premonitory visions that find use in that they allow the person to know how it goes and adjust its position to consolidate or avoid events drawn.

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