Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Telepathic Humans secrets

Telepathy - telepathic, when we ask someone who really means what? And because many people still think that telepathy exists? Many people reject the idea of a science fiction or even mystical. But every day we live with laptops, televisions and mobile phones, which information is retrieved by the invisible radio waves in air. People travel every day on board the aircraft regularly and anyone can send a fire with a lighter.

The advanced technology and magic of primitive culture are indistinguishable. Technology and science have been used to explore the world around us. And the things we have achieved in recent history has been called impossible in early'00s. Flights to the moon, the moon walk by astronauts and exploration of the oceans that are too deep to be explored first. The use of natural energy from the sun, wind and water to produce energy, has been produced with the technology that has existed for only a short period of time.

Is that much of a stretch to consider that someone might actually be psychic, but simply operate on scientific principles that do not yet understand?

Parapsychology paraphysic scientific research or are people telepathically. Scientific research and experimentation to get the answers to your questions about telepathy. Even if the answer they receive is not exactly what you are looking for.

Experiences among people with telepathic powers have produced tantalizing results. Consider something scientifically verifiable, however, the results must be measurable, consistent and reproducible. It is here that the scientific study of telepathy insufficient. Test results are contradictory and can not always be repeated. Some people say that this show can not really be psychic. Others say that this shows just do not understand how it works yet and have not developed the appropriate tests to measure it.

How is it that some people are telepathic? How do they communicate only with his mind, without the use of all other senses? Obviously, it is a means and not fully understood. Who does not require the hearing, taste, smell and touch, but still exists. Think about what can be done using our advanced communications technologies. You can not see, touch, smell or touch the oven, but we know they exist.

There is a new concept we are discussing the idea of "thought waves". They are defined as a demon-generated electric and magnetic brain and these have been established. It is the cornerstone of scientific studies Rest telepathic. We will try to explain in simple terms, but may be a bit "delicate take with us.

Scientifically, the human mind is simply a biochemical process to be transferred between the synapses of neurons in the brain. However, this transfer of neurons creates an electrical current. Small, yes, but measurable. This current generates a weak magnetic field. Note that the brain has tens of thousands of synapses firing at any time.

Humans can use these bio-bio-electric and magnetic fields to communicate? The electric and magnetic waves are equipped with static content and / or unnecessary? Able to control the waves of thought of training the brain? Meditation, controlled thoughts, these techniques may eventually be used to shape the brain waves, like these, communication is important?

Another problem is the weak electric or magnetic field. It can be easily removed by electric and magnetic fields of technology every day, stereos, televisions, computers, microwave ovens and refrigerators, including all send much larger electric and magnetic fields.

Might be a way to expand the electric and magnetic fields of the human brain? For example, at a high emotional state, such as shock, fear, pain or sense of danger. A temporary increase of bio-bio-electric and magnetic fields has been created by fire synapses of neurons in the brain.

Parapsychology researchers have documented short periods of telepathic communication. Examples of how a parent (usually the mother) when her son was injured when Miller each other. Is there a link between the peaks of brain activity, such as telepathy and communication? Make two, between them, have a role in telepathy? Or coincidence?

There is very little scientific evidence to prove telepathy exists and there are still doubts. The situation is changing and more and more studies conducted by scientists show that humans are telepathic. With this donation instructions and guidelines can be developed in the human population.

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