Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Parapsychology Researcher,Jule Eisenbud

Dr. Jule Eisenbud, a psychiatrist, columnist and researcher accepted more for his absorption in parapsychology, died on March 10 in Denver. He was 90.

Dr. Eisenbud did analysis in the abundant areas of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, anthropology and painkillers during his career, but he came to bulge through his abundant livre''Le World of Ted Serios''(William Morrow & Company , 1967).

In the book, he said his assignment to Mr. Serios, a hunter from Chicago, who claimed after thoughtographs'','' dreamlike images of his thoughts on the film.

The assignment has advanced Dr. Eisenbud absorption accessible and some ridiculous. He was criticized in a review in The New York Times by HJ Eysenck, a wizard of attitude at the University of London and the chronicler of a dozen books, including compris''Sense and Nonsense in Psychology.''Assistant Eysenck wrote,''Dr. Eisenbud seems to accept some terms that are summarized below and affection for the rigors and obscure subtleties of specific research.''

Patrick Keane, director of control of the American Society for Psychical Analysis in New York, said that Dr. Eisenbud can still helped buffer him from the bite of such criticism.

Jule Eisenbud was built in New York November 20, 1908. It has the usual bachelor and medical degrees from Columbia University.

In 1938 he started liking illegal in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. In 1950, he was confused Denver with his family, he tied his field and has become the accessory convenience analytical assistant psychiatry at the University of Colorado Medical School.

The wife of Dr. Eisenbud's, Molly, died in 1995. He leaves behind two son, John and Dr. Eric Eisenbud, and a daughter, Joanna Moldow, all of Denver, as valid as the bristles grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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