Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the meditation

hy for all
today we have a great lesson
how to meditate
just follow these steps
the time to meditate. set Aside sufficient time in the daily routine to meditate.
The effects of the meditation are more evident when he is regular and consistent like sporadic. Some people see a meditation five minutes that the pain is worth, for others, are the benefits of the meditation and already she is worth the pain the time. It is possible to be meditated at any time of the day, some people can begin his day with the meditation, others like the day in the cleaning of their minds take, and rather to find a refuge in the meditation, in the middle of a busy day.
, Nevertheless, generally easiest it is time to meditate in the morning before the events of the day, the tired body and to give his mind more than to think. You do not create not immediately, after a food, or if it is probable that it is hungry. The body of the digestive apparatus can be very disquieting.
It looks for or it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is especially important if you are in the beginning, to avoid any obstacle to the attention. It extinguishes all the noisy televisions, telephone (s) or other devices. If you can reproduce music, that asegúrese of is calm, repetitive and smooth, of not breaking the concentration. Outside the meditation it can be beneficial, as long as they do not feel near a highway very journeyed or of another source of noise. Siéntese in the level of the ground. Siéntate in a cushion, if the land is uncomfortable. Still they must reach an agreement to turn its extremities into the position of loto, or an unusual position. Most important it is to maintain the back straight, like later helping the breathing. Also it is possible to be meditated in a chair.
of which its back is straight (if you incline against the chair or she feels frees, does not matter). Their feet must learn firmly in the ground. Each position in which he is relaxed, but that its back is straight is permissible, to even lie down in - but it is careful of which he is not so relaxed that it remains slept. In hot climate, to consider watching clouds. It maintains his eyes average open, without something. To whom this disquieting or difficult one it closes, it or to find something constant to concentrate in how a small candle. It breathes slowly and deeply from the belly instead of his chest. You will have to feel the increase of stomach and the autumn, while you maintain his chest still relative. Healthful, the breathing can reduce stress are carried out in
3 by inhalation for the count, exhala for the count of 6, always is repeated always of 15 to 20 minutes. This pushes the vitiated air and completely to oxygenate the blood, to reduce to the cardiac frequency and arterial pressure. Many patients with hypertension have their arterial pressure fell in
50 percentage points, which allows to reduce or to suppress the medication them. This exercise of breathing must be realised at intervals regular. To relax all the muscles in its body. Nonbaits, as it is it now time to relax completely. To do it piece to piece, beginning by the toes and lays way at the top, until the tension is freed. It focuses your attention. You can find that she wants to migrate his thoughts, jumping from a thought another one, the observations of other things. Smoothly, pon the attention to a single point until it rests there of natural form. The objective is to allow that char it " desaparecen" slowly in its mind. To find " ancla" in order to solve its mind. It leaves his attention concentrates in the flow of his breathing. It listens to follow, but not to make judgments exceeds they (like " It sounds a little hard… perhaps I am putting resfriado? "). In order to surpass to char it verbal, to recite mantra (repetition of a sagrada word). A single word like " Aum" , pronounced in a constant rate he is the best one. It can recite verbally or only with the voice in his mind. The nascent ones find easier to count their breathings. Suggestion: to count breathing 1 to 10, then simply to begin again the 1 ª In order to obtain around the images that continue introducing itself in their thoughts, to visualize a place calms that it. It can be real or imaginary. Imagínese that you are in the part superior of stairs that lead to a calm place. It counts your in the stairs until he is calm and relaxed. For some people, the attention on a point or object make the opposite exactly than it happens in the meditation. It takes to you again in the life of " Focus" , " concentración" , " root". In this case, like an alternative to the previous techniques, some meditating ones to recommend to the United Nations will center their attention. However, the attention to a point or an object, this type of meditation is the attainment of a zero state. It takes to his attention, mainly, the thoughts, until a point, one loses all the attention and all the thoughts. The silence of its mind. If you have trained his mind to concentrate simultaneously in a single thing, the following step is to concentrate itself in something, is essentially " of compensación" of its mind. This requires an enormous discipline, but it is the culmination of the meditation. After concentrating in a single point, like in the previous step, you can throw, or observe of impartial way and let go and come, without labelling like " buena" or " malo". To adopt the same approach to all the thoughts that your mind stays until silence
this video help you to
learn how to meditate

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