Tuesday, April 28, 2009

parapsychology and Psychic Abilities

Psychic capacities such as postcognition, psychometry, telepathy and physics, mental mediumnity are all the branches d' a vaster subject called Parapsychology. The people having psychic capacities are claimed d' to affect or to recover information by the means d' a channel which does not belong to him in the conventional field or of science. The credibility of these allegations was vigorously disputed by many countries, for lack of proof, but its existence, of May however, it seems absurd, cannot be simply thrown because of Parapsychology has deep roots in l' history and culture. Anomalous Cognition: They are the two types of psychic capacities or Parapsychology - Anomalous Cognition and Anomalous operation. Anomalous Cognition also known May under the name of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and includes/understands: Telepathy: capacity to communicate information mental d' a person with l' other, without using physical signs and other assistances. Precognition: capacity to perceive l' information and to predict the events before qu' they occur. This information is obtained by a mental capacity and not the deductive reasoning. Postcognition or Retrocognition: c' is the capacity to carry out information on the events which already occurred, which is generally ignored by the others. For example, the “detectives psychiques" ask d' to use this method to detect d' possible murderers. Psychometry: is another form of postcognition which makes it possible a person to carry out information on the events which had already taken place while being in close contact with the area or d' an object where l' event took place. Clairvoyance: c' is the capacity to perceive the objects moved away, people or events. Sometimes May médiums affirm to have the capacity to see through the opaque structures like the brick walls, and to perceive l' invisible energy, such as the radio waves. Sub-types include/understand clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, and clairsentience. Anomalous Operation: Anomalous operation, quite simply, is the communication by paranormaux means. The various d' types; faulty operations are closely dependent which are: Psychokinesis: telekinesis or of the remote control or to influence the capacity to move physical objects and influences the behavior of the mental matter, without l' helps of d' other apparatuses. Out-off-body (OBE): the possibility of separating its physical body from l' heart, l' spirit or of l' spirit. OBE are a current phenomenon and often related to d' quasi-death; experiments, of dreams, d' alcohol and of drugs. Astral Projection: is closely related to Out-of-body experiment. The astral body is a " double" physical reality of the bodies, but separate d' it, to move freely on its characteristic in the astral plan. Astral projection is also often related to drug, of dreams and the NDE. Experiment close to dead (NDE): is l' one of most common Out-of-body experiments. When people who are proclaimed as clinically died live again, they relate to experiments in which they Voyage of their physical body and to see their own body. Mediumnity: at private sittings, which are carried out for the spirits bond with the alive world by the means of physical demonstrations like the raps, audible voice, movements of the body, and to materialize the figures of deaths. Cure by the faith: or the spiritual cure is the capacity to cure the disease by the spiritual means, such as the prayer, the pilgrimage, and d' other ritual monks. The cure by the faith is also regarded as a form of alternative medicine.

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